best MUNI

What is the best MUNI on ?

For the money?? I’d have to say the KH24…
If money is no object then that’s gonna open a whole’nother can’O’worms

The answer to that is a matter of opinion, as well as how much you can afford. The best MUni for you might be different from the best for someone with less/more money or different taste or riding style.

For quite a while I was considering getting the DM Vortex. It seemed to be the best they had, but I didn’t like the colour, and I heard it weighs a lot.

The Hunter was very tempting for me, as the frame looks wicked, but I decided against it.

In the end I couldn’t resist but to buy the Wilder Lightrider 6160c, which at the time I thought must be the best had to offer. It has all the chunky parts that (mostly) won’t break, as well as being lightweight. It attracted me due to the fat looking (black) frame, and the fact that hardly anyone else has them in the southern hemisphere.

It would be worth writing to about the Kris Holm Pro 24" model to ask how much it weighs. I think this is probably the best MUni currently available there, especially if it weighs 15lbs with brakes, the same as the Aluminium Wilder without brakes, but with all the same components apart from the frame. I don’t believe it, but if it’s true then it’s definitely the best.

If the cost of these top-end MUni’s is discouraging for you, then there are many other options which could also be the best. for example the cheap Kris Holm 24" model is awesome, and I’ve heard quite good things about the Yuni considering how cheap the frame is.

Some of the Unicycles have optional upgrades. I’d say stick the 3" wide Gazzaloddi tire on, and go for the 24x3" rather than the 26" (but that is personal preference from what I’ve been told about the 26 being heavier and more prone to taco). If you get the Sun-doublewide rim it weighs more than the DX32 but is slightly less likely to taco.

I am no expert, just go with your instincts I guess. Surely the best MUni you can get is one customised for your riding style, perhaps with a Carbon fibre airseat upgrade. You could go all out and get something completely custom built from titanium, but have a pretty good selection if you want something off the shelf. I don’t regret buying the Wilder, and it was the best one for me since I don’t require brakes. My friend with a KH24" is considering taking his brakes off since he hardly uses them.

That’s right; there is no plain-old “best.” If you’re on a budget, the KH24 is the clear choice. If you don’t need brakes, I recommend the Wilder. But your final choice will depend on the trails you will use it on, your style of riding (aggressive, non-aggressive), what features you want, and if you care what it looks like.

care to expand on why?

There are two Webshots galleries by Curriedgoat (a.k.a. Bronson Silva) that detail the weight of his KH 24 Pro.
How much does that uni weigh?
How much does that uni weigh? continued

The answer for Bronson’s muni setup is 16.4 pounds with the brake and 15.6 pounds without the brake and Reeder handle.

There are going to be weight differences between different peoples unicycles even if they are the same make. People put a different seat on, use heavier or lighter tubes, add other additional hardware (maybe stainless or aluminum nuts and bolts for the seat), different pedals, etc.

The Hunter was too tempting for me, and I got it. The frame doesn’t just look wicked, it is wicked. It’s also lockable, if that’s of any relevance. But not as good as the KH for one-foot maneuvers, but that’s not an issue for me right now.

buy my unicycle!

im selling my Muni,

-Yuni frame
-gazzoldoi 24x3 trire with a doublewide rim
-welgo replacable pin pedals
-and a miyata seat

650 can

later justin

Well, I have been saving to buy a decent Unicycle since 2000, because my parents promised to pay for half if I saved up. I kept going back to for a while, and the prices kept going up, and they brought out a few new Unicycles over that time. The Wilder was one that attracted me, because it was new, and looked really fat, in the frame and the tire. Also, the Wilder was the most expensive Unicycle other than the DM Vortex. I only had one chance at getting my parents to pay half, so I wanted to get the most expensive, and best unicycle I could. The Hunter is beautiful, but it didn’t cost as much as the Wilder, and I knew many people have them already. I used the theory of “Pay more money, get a better Unicycle”, not that it is necessarily true. After riding a KH24" I don’t think my Unicycle is worth NZ$3000 more, but I definitely do not regret it. Once you get a steel framed Unicycle, it would be pretty hard to reduce the weight, and the Wilder is slighty lighter, and you notice it. If I ever get a Unicycle with brakes, it might possibly be a Hunter 36" or something along those lines. I also like the look of Blizzard frames or whatever they are, at UK For MUni, I don’t miss having a brake or a flat crown, I’m sure one day I’ll get something with a flat crown, maybe a Summit or a KH20". I really like the Wilder… how could you not love it? Ok maybe the price but if you disregard that.

wilder lightrider.jpg

speaking of,

I took mr. foss’s advice and purchased the kh24 and im loving it. highly reccomended.

thanks john.

2004 Torker MUni?

Just a reminder:

For the purposes of beginner/intermediate MUniers, we should also keep in mind that the new Chrome 2004 Torker 24" DX with the Velo Kris Holm-looking seat could have spined cranks and hub. Looks like a pretty nice, solid uni. John of Seattle Bike Supply (S.B.S.) says the 2004’s will be “arriving October ???,” although John Drummond says the shipping could take a year. It sounds like Torker has really been listening to the unicycling community and is maybe making some big changes. ??

~Sara ( (A.I.M: unipsychogirl)

If I wasn’t an unemployed high school student with no money, I would be all about the Hunter. Muni is a hardcore sport, and your equipment has to reflect that. Which is why Hunter munis get serious style points.

In the mean time, I’ll save my change up for a cheap Schwinn muni.

Re: 2004 Torker MUni?

Torkers really aren’t bad unis for the price. The newer seats are comfortable, and the frames are solid. The only problem I’ve ever had is with the crank arms.

dude, the old seats were comfortable too. the frames, though, aren’t the best. one of my fork arms was longer’n the other, so the wheel was really crooked. and of course there’s the problem i’m having right now with my spokes