Best Muni

I’m looking to get a new unicycle for Muni. The ones I’m looking at right now are the KH 26", the Mad4One Tecno Muni Advance also in a 26", and I recently stumbled upon Qu-Ax unicycles and their QX-series 27.5" Muni looks pretty nice too.

Both the KH and the Mad4One unis look really nice and have a similar price, I was just wondering if anyone knew of any major differences between the two. Right now I’m kind of leaning towards the Mad4One just cause I already have a KH20 and don’t want two of the same colour unicycles and the Mad4Ones have some neat colours, kind of a silly reason but if there aren’t any big differences between the two why not right?

I was also wondering about the QX series of unicycles, cause they’re selling for about $200 less than the other two right now and I haven’t been able to find too much on them but from what I have found they seem to be fairly close in quality.

If anybody has any experience with any of these unicycles or if anybody has any other recommendations for a good 26" or 27.5" unicycle it would be greatly appreciated.

I don’t have much experience with either,but I know the stuff to consider.

Kris Holm uses a disk brake outside the frame, which many like since it leaves you with a symmetrical wheel (same spoke length left and right). It also limits you to spirits as your crank choice.

QX uses inboard disk, which keeps it slightly more protected (bent disks are not fun). They also use 25.4mm Seatposts, which are less strong (but likely no issue on a Muni), and their Q-axle cranks, which means no crank interchangeability with other brands.

Mad4one has both brake mounting options on the frame, so if you ever decide inboard disk is not for you, you can change.

All of them are solid options. I usually like to have custom unicycles myself, mixing and matching the parts I like.

Based purely on aesthetics (zero experience with any of these options) and on what technical details I do know, I’d go M4O. Seems like the prettiest option and checks all the boxes (for me).

Tire cost $$$

Something I didn’t consider at first. How much does it cost to replace the tire. It starts to cost more than car tires after a while.

Not meant as a personal dig, but I think it’s usually true that someone who’s asking this forum for a recommendation would get along fine on any name-brand unicycle. The basic steel Nimbus Mountain Unicycle isn’t much to show off, but all the parts are well proven and I’ve had a blast on mine. If you believe that you need or deserve a $700 muni, you’ll find a rationale for it no doubt, and there are plenty of people here who’ll help you. :slight_smile: But it’s mature technology now and they’ll all do the job. Suit your tastes beyond that.

Luckily there’s only one! Consider that most of us never pay an admission fee to ride, and unicycles don’t need license, fuel, insurance, any of that, Then there’s the gym membership we don’t need. If you mentally set aside a few dollars a month as “unicycle dues” that apply towards an occasional tire, parts order from UDC, or something like the Craigslist trials unicycle I got last night, it’s still a cheap hobby.

Thread highjacking…
Wait wait what? You got a trial uni? And where are the photos!?

Sorry about the thread hi-jacking, I found the thread where you posted a photo of the yellow uni, super cute!