Best Muni yet!!!

Yesterday I had the best Muni ride I’ve ever had. The trails were all hard packed ski doo trails, and they were fast. The temperature was cool, but tolerable (about -5C), and it was snowing lightly. I felt a level of confidence and courage that I’ve not felt before, and I rode hard and fast. I covered more ground than I ever have, in less time than it normally takes me to do half the trails I covered yesterday. I think something has clicked inside me, and I am ready to step it up a knotch or two, and ride a lot faster.

As soon as my wife is out of the shower, I’m going back up for another ride. I will report my findings later. To all those riding today, have fun. To all those who are not, shame on you, but have fun anyway.

Ride on.

that sounds fun, when i get back to my moms place i should go hit up the ski-doo trails. latly all i’ve been doing is riding on the road or in my house or just hopin’ around in the snow. the only thing is my mom will probaly try ‘n’ stop me cause we live in a high snowmobeal traffic area. but im sure i won’t get hurt. were you wearing regular winter clothes or uni clothes? 'cause i find winter suits to be a bit restricting.

I wear normal clothes. I wear long underwear, a polyester undershirt (for sweat absorbtion), a light shirt, a fleece jacket, a tuque, gloves, and hiking shoes. If it’s colder than -20, I wear one more coat.

I find that I sweat no matter how I’m dressed, so as long as I’m wearing something that pulls the sweat away from my skin, I’m happy.

I was out walking my dog today, and i saw how nice tracks there are in the woods! I checked a part of tomorrows muni-ride, but tomorrow i’ll be out riding!
Packing hot chocolate!

I’ll bring pictures and a ridereport tomorrow!

And i ride dressed as a polyesterninja!

Looking forward to the pics and the report. Especially if you’re dressed like a ninja.

Not exactly ninja, but a polyester inner layer, a fleece layer on top of that, and a shell on top.

The weather report says it’ll be about -17C tomorrow, that’s 2 F :slight_smile:

So i better get dressed :wink: