Best MUni/Trials Tire

I ride a Bedfore 24in. Hardcore MUni with a Gazzaloddi. Is there a tire that is as good as the gazz that won’t wear out as fast? I ride mostly on pavement doing trials and a bit of freestyle, and at this point this is my only uni. I find that riding on cement all the time can make a Gazz bald in a few months. Any suggested replacements, or is it better to spend the money for the grip that the Gazz provides?

I need a tire that can still provide good grip for any obstacle, but hopefully won’t cost $100Cdn and wear out so fast.


The duro wildlife leopard seems to be accepted as being a good tire, it is what comes stock on the KH 24" muni.

You should find another tire if you ride solely on asphalt / cement. Most off-road tires are made with a softer rubber compound that offers better grip, but wears out much faster than tires designed for on-road use.

If you can afford to shell out the dough, fine, buy another Gazz, but you should expect it to wear quickly.

If you want to buy a tire that will last longer, look at the “durometer” measurement of the tire… that’ll tell you how hard the rubber is, hence, how long the tire will last. Your Nokian’s durometer is probably 50 or thereabouts. Look for something with a durometer around 60-65… that should be a good compromise between grip and wear.

well if you are ognna ride on pavement mostly with your 24" id say get a hookworm… just kohse does street on his 24" and he ride with a hookworm… so I dont think it wear out as much…

Yeah, Justin rides street AND off-road muni on a hookworm. It seems like it would be too narrow and not…bouncy enough though. But he does big drops on it, so I guess its fine…?

Isnt a hookworm 2.5" wide? My friend rides on and it is really bouncy but it collects dirt like crazy when muniing, after 30 minutes it ends up looking like a giant donut with no traction.