Best Muni for the Buck? Please Read/Help!

I wasn’t really sure where I was going with it when I bought my first uni, so I got a cheap one to learn on - a Gravity 24" ebay special for like…$75 bucks shipped. Well, a month and a half later…I’m a lot better, and I’m into rough terrrain, trials, and street unicycling. I upgraded my seat to the Torker saddle with 3 inches of padding and a handle, I got aluminum pedals and pedal protectors (a good purchase), and the biggest, knobbiest tire I could fit in my frame…only a 2.1". My uni can’t handle the abuse though, so I’m looking to buy a new one. Here’s an idea of how I ride now…it’s only going to get harder on my uni though, so advice is needed. Right now, I ride down stairs, bounce up them, ride down bumpy hills, and bounce off waist-high drops. My cranks are twisted, my hub’s twisted and bent, and my tire folds over on big drops. I need something a lot stronger and more functional. Here’s the set up I want to get:

Torker Unistar DX 24"
Magura HS33 Hydraulic Single Rim Brake Assembly
Brake Mount for Kris Holm Style Seats
Red A Pedal Protectors
Duro Racing Wildlife Leopard 24 x 3.0 DH Tire
Nokian Downhill Tube 24 x 3.0
Red Trick Topz Alloy Valve Caps

I tried a 20" Qa-Ax and a 20" is out of the question. A lot of control is lost when you go from a 20" to a 24", this I know. But I like the improved mobility of the 24". The brake will make a big difference how much control I have though. The newest model of the DX has a brake mount, but I’m not sure if the Magura brake will fit, does anyone know? tried tellling me, “None of the Torker DX models past or present are equipped with a break mount, unless the cycle has been altered after purchase.” I thought the sellers on ebay might be talking out of their asses, but Torker’s website confirms a brake mount comes on the newest model. My biggest concern is how well the uni will hold up though. The DX has a heat treated hub, so it should be much stronger than my current one. My current cranks have twisted a bit. Instead of being parallel to the ground, my pedals point down a bit now. My axle and cranks can’t handle the drops and bouncing. The DX comes with hollow cranks…this is possibly my only major concern about the DX. I love everything else about it. I know the color scheme isn’t all that important, but I’m a sucker for red and black so it’s won me over in that aspect. So…does this seem like a good purchase?

I got a new DX last week and the brake mounts look like they will fit the Maguras. the mounts are two holes about 1 1/2 inches apart. I could sent a picture of the mounts if you want.

The DX hub and cranks are amazingly strong.

They are a 10-splined hub with a great design. The cranks come with a pinchbolt, which even makes them better because the are more secured onto the crank.

The hollow design of the cranks don’t matter. Not unless your doing 10+ foot drops.

I go off 8+ foot drops on my DX, its the trials version, and it is still fine. I had the 2006 frame, so it broke on me after 5 months, but the 2007 model will not break. They reinforced the frame.

Your purchase is gonna be a great one. You wont be needing to upgrade anything on it for a good long time.

The DX is also the heaviest Splined uni in production, but don’t let that change your mind about it. The extra weight of the DX will make you a stronger rider, increase your strength because your lugging around a heavy uni. It’s a good thing.

I want a DX so badly… I need a job. Oh yeah Christmas.

My son has a 24" DX and I put on a Magura brake–it certainly DOES have mounts on the frame. You’ll need to buy some brake adapters for it, though–they sell them for like $15 at UDC.

You shouldn’t make getting a brake a priority, though–it’s something that can be added later, and isn’t a necessity. Check eBay and your local Craigslist for brakes, too–I got two great brakes with a boatload of extras for less than $100.

Thanks Peter. I like the Magura brake kit, but I plan on looking around a lot more before I actually purchase a brake. I figured I can do a lot better than the $110 or so at But…it’s gotta be red and black! :wink:

Magura Brake Overrated.

The Magura brakes are very expensive. I got Magura to V-brake adaptors from Mission for about $10 bucks and but on V-brakes. Woodman also makes a nicer although more expensive adaptor. The V-Brakes work just as good as the Magura and are a lot less expensive!

I have the 24’’ dx and i was actually surprised coming from a 20’’ torker lx that the amount of control hadn’t changed much. I could still turn and hop just as easily but I am also considering a brake. I would go for the dx but wait a little bit and ride it for a while before you purchase the break. good luck!

You don’t really need a brake unless you are downhilling all day long. I would say get the DX or the QU-AX 24". Both are very strong, the QU-AX is a bit lighter and has a wider tire, but the DX is cheaper. Before getting a brake,you should use that money and get a better uni, like a KH, I think it would be a better use of your money.

Well, I’ve decided to go with a 20" DX instead of the 24". I’m not getting the break and I won’t be able to get a bigger tire for the 20". I rode my friend’s Qu-Ax 20" and I think it’ll be a lot better for the kind of riding I really want to do. I won’t be riding rough terrain as much. I’m much more interested in the street/trials riding.

ooh ooh get the onza!

honestly, the new KH 24 is the best muni for the buck if you can afford it.

other than that the DX or the nimbus muddley.

I love my DX

I got a DX from santa last year. I have abused the crap out of it and I am not a small man (~200lbs) it has held up fine. I have replaced one bearing. It is heaver than the KH, but I figure instead of worrying about ounces I should lose a few pounds:) . I keep up just fine with the people I ride with on their KH’s. My 2 cents is that the Torker cannot be beat for the price.

Buy maguras cheap off ebay second hand, i just got a set for about $20, thye work a treat and are less hassle.

Does the 2007 Torker DX 24" come with a presta or schrader valve? It doesn’t say on the product description and I can’t tell from the picture.

Comes with a Schrader valve.

I ride my 24" DX becuse i did not have the extra cash for the Qu-ax or the KH or the nimbus or any other decent one. My 2 cents go have fun and then it does not matter any more.

The Nokian Downhill Tube is presta only. You’ll need a Duro Heavy Weight tube.

I’d go with the DX if I was you