Best muni backpack/hydration pack

I’m looking to get a camelback or something similar for holding water, tools, first aid, etc… and to serve as back protection in the event of a crash. I’ve never used a hydration pack before and I don’t usually find myself needing massive amounts of fluids when out riding. I generally don’t ride for more than an hour at a time and haven’t found I need much more than a liter between start and finish. There have been times however where I’ve been sweating profusely and would have loved having something to drink. I’m not sure if having more capacity is a good thing or if it just means more space for water to slosh around and throw me off balance.

I’m just curious what’s worked well for the rest of you and what hasn’t.

Camelbak K.U.D.U. Protector 10 7 liter hydration pack is pretty awesome. It’s kinda hot but it’s very comfortable and stays in place for me.

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Thanks for the feedback. I ended up ordering a Water Buffalo Endeaver. It’s a small lightweight pack with what looks like most of the weight down low and the price was right.

Each person’s water consumption is different. If you drink a liter of water between the start and the finish, it will be quite important to know how much time passes in this interval and how intense is the race? I think that it is worth making a choice based on the level of your water consumption. I would not take a 7 litre hydration pack if I drank no more than a liter. This would take up extra space and mass. Try to find something here if you still haven’t decided on the purchase. My wife uses a very compact model, but she does not know exactly what the manufacturer’s company is called.

So far it’s worked out well for me. I don’t notice the water sloshing around and I put a sheet of d30 and a sheet of hard plastic in between the bladder and the padding for back protection. It gives me that little peace of mind knowing if I fall on my back that there’s something back there protecting me.