Best micro digital still camera

I’m looking for a nice little, micro digital still camera that will take multiple FAST action shots, like at least 3-5 successive fast shots in a row. I don’t care if it has a video mode. I know there are literally hundreds of choices out there, but I also know that a lot of you have these little still cams and so I’m hoping to get your reviews of the best ones. Thanks!:smiley:

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Yeah true sorry about that. I wish I could move it but my time limit ran out.:o I should have clarified that it’s [specifically] for taking UNICYCLING action shots.

The big question is budget, I can suggest cameras worth a fortune on that criteria, but finding a high bust and buffer rate on compact digital cameras is hard without stretching your budget :slight_smile:

Yes, wrong forum.

That said, be prepared to compromise. If your top priority is a slimline camera, you’ll have to give up some features (and possibly picture quality). The mode you’re looking for is High Speed, or Continuous (or High Speed Continuous, which is what my camera has). It’s harder to search on the less-common features though, because they may not even get mentioned in the average product descriptions, and I always read the manufacturer’s descriptions with a grain of salt. The best place to hopefully find the right camera is at one of these sites:

Steve’s Digicams
DP Review

There are others, but these are my two favorites and the ones whose names I remember. Steve’s has a more extensive list of cameras, but if DP has reviewed a camera you’re looking at, you’ll find even more information about it.

Remember, the most important “feature” of a camera is whether it takes decent pictures, which is largely a function of optics. Lame optics and no amount of features will give you super-sharp pictures. Beyond that, I’ve loved my Casios, and the battery in my current (semi-slim) one goes all day without needing replacement.

this new one looks pretty darn cool, and comes with Casio’s “high speed continuous” shooting mode, and even a one that uses flash (which you normally don’t get with continuous shooting)! It also seems to have plenty of manual settings. It has an amazing 7x zoom in a case where the lens doesn’t stick out, and image stabilization to go with it. It’s making my old 2004 Casio look fat and klunky… drool. Only thing missing that I might insist on is a viewfinder. There are lots of situations, namely in the bright sun, where using the LCD to frame the picture can be problematic. But as LCDs get brighter this gets to be less of a major problem.

But then I read the conclusion, which is a good place to start when reviewing these things, and they point out a bunch of weak spots. This camera seems to be aimed more at someone who wants a stylish, small camera but is less interested in really sharp images…

Hey thanks John, that looks like a great camera, and I found a new one on ebay that comes with a 2gb memory card.

Canon SD 30

I’ve always bought the smallest camera possible. I started with a Sony U20 until it was abused to death (snowboarding, drunkin clubbin, europe, asia, dropped, banged, stepped). I ended up replacing it with a Canon SD30 because of the great reviews it got from a professional website.

So far it has endured almost the same amount of abuse less the europe and stepped on part. I’ve wrecked on halfpipe in Big Bear and this thing still works! They no longer sell the SD 30, but I am sure that the SD40 is still available and just as sturdy. Some samples.

I am not going to upload any movies, but … can tell you this camera has a remote for shots and movies as well. So you can just put up a tripod and press the remote for a 10 second shoot.

For such mission you need good CPU in camera.
Sony Alpha NEX-5 will work just fine. It can shoot 7 frames per second and very slim.

What is wrong with GoPRO? I though it mush shoot like machinegun :sunglasses:

I’m very happy about my Canon S100. It has both continuous shooting mode (not very fast but long) and high speed burst of 8 frames. What I really like is how bright it is at wide setting.
You can see more here:

I used Canon S95 and think that they are almost same. Perfect camera with very good functions (including full manual mode and RAW files which I using all the time). Tons of build in effects (I bet Terry you will like that) including tilt-shift and panorama shooting.
Small, nice touching and very good 3" display.

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Old thread, yes, but I’ll throw in the CASIO EXILIM EX-ZR1000. 30 images pr. second.

It also shoots 1000 fps in videomode at low resolutions. I use it all the time on the job while programming industrial ABB robots. Now they move faster than human eyes can see.