Best knee pads for uni


I searched the forums but found nothing on this.

When I think of good new pads for Unicycling, they need a hard shell for real protection. They need to be able to slip on and off pretty easily, without a lot of hassle.

Is there anything else you look for that makes your unicycle kneepads a favorite? And what brand/style do you use?


I’m quite happy with my IXS Hack knee pads, not sure they are still available. I like the velco strap to help keep them in place.

Black Diamond TeleKneesis

Priority 1 is good impact protection for me, so I want SAS-tec (or similar) foam, to absorb impact.

Priority 2
is a good fit, I want to ideally not notice them, and they shouldn’t move around when I fall on them.

Personally, I’m not a fan of hardshell, they tend to not fit well and bother me in my experience. Maybe it’s because I only have experience with Wallmart grade ones, or borrowed from other riders. The reason one would want hardshell is durability, not protection. Plastic hardshells alone don’t absorb impact, you also need impact absorbing foam for that. If you only have a hard shell, it only prevents road rash.

I use ION K-Pact pads for Muni, and they have lasted for around 3 years now. They have only small signs of wear now, I guess it helps that I don’t use them on asphalt, only on trails. They aren’t the quickest to fit (have to take your shoes of, pull your pants up…), so I’d choose the zip version if I were to buy new ones. Ideally, you put them on once, and never touch them until the end of the ride, and that’s been most of the time for me.

IXS Hack, SixSix One evo, and Raceface Dig are also options I see around often.

For road riding and almost never hitting a knee the Black Diamond Telekneesis Kneepads are perfect. They provide protection, are very comfortable for hours on end and can be worn under long pants.

I used KH armour for my first 4-5 years.
I love them because they offer great protection for the knees and back of the legs and they do not move. I don’t think I took any shin hits.
They are are hot, but I sweat anyway.
Gorilla tape bought me several extra years by taping up where the pads hit the cranks.

Now that the falls are getting fewer and less awkward I’ve switched up to BD Telekneesis.
I’ve only used them in the winter here but I think they will be incredible come summer.
I don’t notice them while wearing them.

G-Form elbow pads for me too.

I have the ones for the knees and love them. As said before, they’re not hardshell but they have proper impact absorption foam. I’ve had mine for a while now, they never slip - ok maybe a bit when I went down hill in a ski resort, but that’s not what you’re going to do with them in NYC I assume…

G-form pads

If you just want something minimal and comfortable. Check out the brands called G-form. I use that when riding “new terrain”. They’re very light/breathable and “look cool”. Keep on.

I too have G form pads. I bought a size thinking they would go over my knees but they were too small so now I wear them on my elbows. They are very comfortable and breathable.

Well, it’s great to depend on you guys for lots of good thoughtful information. I’ve unicycle for 45 years, mostly running out UPDs. But my knee hit the ground on a couple of recent UPDs, leading to some pain and need for physical therapy.

I’m going to start out with the Diamond Telekneesis Kneepads
Hopefully, they will do the trick.

Thanks everybody, for your helpful thoughts and advice.