Best Gift Ever: Tie with topo map of muni trail

Just received the coolest gift ever for serving as maid of honor in my sister’s wedding: It’s a tie containing a topographic map of my absolute favorite muni trail, Cold Springs Trail in Santa Barbara, CA. You might remember it from the 2005 Cal Muni Weekend. I spent countless weekends on that trail, learning it’s every nook and cranny. Our crew (Hans, Jess, Dennis, Josh, Morgan, Largo, Phil, Matt, and the rest) made many great memories there. Then, last year, the mud slides swept the bottom third away. It was a very sad day, but the memories remain clear. Cheers to awesome sisters :slight_smile:

That’s super cool! I want one. Even though I almost never wear a tie.

I do remember the 2005 MUni Weekend, what amazing trails you had there, and the wonderful job of hosting you and your gang did. And my pair of Simple shoes I took away from the sponsor pile! I haven’t been back (with a unicycle) since, which is a shame. Maybe we can talk some So-Cal riders into hosting one there again some day…

Agreed! It might take several years for Cold Springs Trail to come back to life, but I’m in favor of another SB muni weekend some day. If you don’t mind a scaled down, less organized version, maybe I can even host it :slight_smile:

That would be AWESOME. I’m sure we could get a great group of people to come and help with the logistics. :smiley: