best gel saddle?

Hi I was wondering what the best gel saddly was. If anyone could give me a link to it that would be awesome. I would be using it on my 20in. KH trials and doing trials and muni stuff. thanks.

I use the KH gel on most of my UNIs and Muni
I would post a link but UDC is currently out of stock and is not shown on their site

what about the koxx gel? does anyone know how they compare. UDC is getting more KH gel saddles in APRIL!!!

Koxx just got a whole bunch of new saddles with diferent fabric and design… I think hey"re the best out there

can you get Koxx saddles in America anywhere yet?

They’re all KH style bases, handles and similar vinyl + kevlar covers, they’re all made by the same people (velo), so I’d guess they have a similar padding in them.

The koxx ones have pretty pattern covers but cost lots more. It’s not obvious from the pictures whether they have more or less kevlar on the sides, but they look very very similar. The old koxx gel saddle was pretty close to identical to the KH gel saddle.

I’d say the best one is the Kh / one, just cos it’s loads cheaper.


ill probably get the KH gel then in April when udc gets more. I’m guessing that will start selling koxx saddles because there gettin g tons of koxx stuff.

MI;les is selling koxx gel saddles!!!

theyre $70 though so im not sure if I should get the KHs or the koxx…

How much are the KHs? Cause I like the look of the Koxx more, and I need to get Novus polish anyway.

the Kh ones were $40 last time I saw them on UDC. UDC said theyll be getting more in april. Are gel saddles much better than normal because I haven’t actually ridden one.

I’ve heard they are, but I would want to try one before I said yes or no.

same, hopefully if I go to MOAB some1 will have 1 I can try, cause I dont really want to spend $70 plus shipping for a saddle that ive never even actually seen.

Yikes! $70 for a basic saddle with a plastic base? Not worth it. Might as well spend a little bit more and get something built on a carbon fiber saddle base.

Why do you need a gel saddle on a trials unicycle? You’re not going to be sitting on it for extended periods like a Coker.

If you have a KH seat you can turn it into a carbon fiber based seat and have a much better trials seat. You can even cut the foam down to make it better suited for trials. Use the hardware, handle, bumper, foam and seat cover from the KH. Trim the foam down so it’s not as thick. Put it all on a carbon fiber base and shazam. You don’t even need to use KH foam. I used foam from an old Viscount saddle and that works fine for a trials, or even a freestyle unicycle.