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Right now I got a 20"torker freestyle, which is fine for me right now(I’m only level 4) but I was wondering, if I was to get a new freestyle uni, which one do you think is the best? Post pic. of them too.


You didn’t mention any budget limitations and that’s what works best for me… :slight_smile:

A Fireball by Adam Coast Choppers

Iv had pretty good luck with my dads unicycles. Custom made to fit most components, sizes, and types of unicycles. We’ve never had a frame break on us, even though I tend to abuse equipment pretty throughly. An example in this thread.

The only problem with the Wyganowski is the neck, it’s huge!!! Are you suppose to dut it down or something?

When you buy it from, they will cut the frame before shipping it to you based on your inseam length. Then the frame will go up so that the clamp is just under the seat.

I have a Max Daddy uni and it is one of my most prized possessions! I, too, have a Wyganoski and the only advantage might be the flat crown over the Max Daddy. At my current riding level I can’t maximize the flat crown over the Max Daddy and there are plenty of Max Daddy’s in the Minneapolis area that have a lot of worn paint on the crowns – they are being MAXimized. My Max Daddy is reserved for special events as I love it so much! Hey Super_Evil, the long neck eliminates a lot of flexy seat post and the seat clamp where your thighs will be.

I vote Max Daddy. I just tried to up-load a picture of my prize but Ofoto is currently down. I’ll post the photo when I can.


I just realized that the uni that rides in the back of my truck - always on the ready is a Sem, long-neck with a 48 spoke BFR rim, 102 steel cranks and a Primo “The Wall”. The Miyata seat has Kinsport handles. I ride this uni everyday and does a nice job at a lot less money. But again, see my above post for art and quality.


I agree 100% with Mr. John Foss. The Wyganowski frame is by far the best frame out there. With the flat fork and aerodynamically built, I LOVE it. Max’s dad’s frames are good as well, but they have the curved like top on the fork.

-Ryan Woessner :slight_smile:

So, what tricks do you find the aerodynamic frame helps you with? :wink:

Darn Gilby, beat me by mere seconds. :slight_smile:

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can anyone tell me how much you can change the seat hight with an Wyganowski frame? once its allready cut that is.

and how much wider/better is the crown then on a standed miyata? will cut the seat tube (frame) to the length you desire…so, if you want the seat to be more adjustable then you have the seat tube cut shorter. If you want to maximize the strength of your uni then you should have the seat tube cut as high as you can.

The Wyganowski crown is machined. Miyata crowns are made from stamped metal. Wyganowski wins the strength contest hands down. I think the platform area is about the same on the Standard Miyatas and Wygs, but the Miyata crown has rounded edges that don’t grip your shoes as well.

looks like a long 5 minutes to me :slight_smile:

At what height do you people usually keep the saddle if doing freestyle tricks? Is it as high as you keep it, or is it an inch or two below the maximum?

I knew you (or someone) would point that out. For the record, I read the post from the bottom up and by the time I got around to posting, Gilby already had. :slight_smile:

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

I run my freestyle 2-4cm below my racing/road height and my trials freestyle at least another 2cm below that.

Best thing is to try different heights and then allow yourself to make adjustments later. You might find the perfect height now, but then you start working on somthing new that works better at a different height…work with it and adjust the seat.

ride on,

I use about 5-6 cm below the normal road height. If I practice taking seat-out I usually lower it a little bit more.

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>jagur wrote:
>> *looks like a long 5 minutes to me :slight_smile: *

>I knew you (or someone) would point that out.

I would not have been that someone. Rather I’d point out that 5
minutes is a mere 300 seconds. :slight_smile:

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