Best for your money saddle

I’m looking for a new saddle because mine just sucks.
Wanting to know the best saddle for my money.

The best saddle is one that does just what you want… so what do you want? A saddle for trials? Street? Freestyle? Muni? Long distance? Each of these styles of saddles are subtly different from each other.

In most cases a carbon fiber base will give you the best performance for your investment… when properly installed, it’ll last substantially longer than bases of other materials. From there you need to decide what kind of handle you want and that is very style-dependent, as is the choice of foam, gel or air cushon and cover.

Tell us a little more about your riding style(s) and then maybe you’ll get some better advice…


I’m not too good yet. Trials is mostly what ride and a little street. But as i said i’m very good and only have been riding for like 3 weeks. I just need a new saddle from the one i have because it just rides up the croch and sits almost like a bike saddle.

This is the saddle i have… I know it’s not the best but if you’ve only been riding on a horrible, rock hard saddle for a few weeks this will fell like a luxuary arm chair. lol.

It has a proper handle (not has strong as KH) but it will do for most riding styles (not extreme)


look at the torker dx saddle.

Best value for the money? I would totally say get the Nimbus (UDC) Gel seat. It’s the cheapest good seat, and I love mine.

EDIT: oh, and it’s also really great for street/trials.

try adjusting it before spending money. Most seat posts have some room for adjusting the tilt a little. This could solve what sounds like your real problem. Buying a new saddle and retaining the same angle will give you the same problem again.