best flukes thread

well I was wondering what any of youre fluke/best flukes were eg:land a crankflip w/out knowing ,it one footing a UW landing a trick on accident that you normally couldnt do and couldnt do again if youre life depended on it

My one was and 1m rolling hop gap down a 2 foot drop and rolling perfactly out of it
or feet extended coast for 50cms it fet great when i landed it
tell us your flukes

maybe not a fluke your lokking for but…
i was rding around with a ball in my hands and it ended up a big gum tree
10 min later i was still riding around and it fell (the wind) and landed on my helmet…
i was confused for a few seconds,

I’ve had a couple of accidental coasts and grinds while muniing - things that I can’t do on purpose, so they could be called flukes. The accidental coasts usually end up in a crash though.


i learned how to grind because of a fluke, i was jumping on top of a rail to ride down it, i didnt quite make it and landed on my crank, I was able to keep my balance. after that i learned to grind on purpose.

oo…I realised you can hop without hands when some dudes walked up to me and asked me to ‘bunny hop’, i obliged, and while i was talking and hoppin’ i got all tangled up in me headphones and accidentally let go of the handel and WALA!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Once I was juggling clubs on a 12’ unicycle. This is a generally bad idea if you’re not comfortable on a 12’ unicycle. I dropped one of the clubs, and as it fell I thought, “No problem, unless it manages to land right in front of the wheel, perpindicular to it.” Murphy’s law. Ding! Club about to be wedged under my wheel and nowhere to go. Too late to change direction, as you have to plan ahead for such things. This happend really fast. My choices were:
a) Dismount on purpose to avoid UPD-ing. Possible ankle damage
b) Try to ride over the club, with possible results from a above
c) I didn’t think of this at the time, but someone here would probably suggest hopping over it. Did I mention it was a 12’ unicycle built by Tom Miller? That’s a lot of weight. Probably easy to hop up & down, but very hard to hop and pull it forward!

So I grabbed the seat and powered over the club. The wheel didn’t slip, and I made it over! Woohoo! I nearly pooped my pants. No more clubs on the 12’, unless I have a spotter handy to prevent same problem…

i was doin a grind on a ledge at my local skatepark and the crank slid off so it was just the pedal and i pushed too hard to pull my crank back on and did a crank filp and landed still slideing but the dumbass kid who was suposed to be filming didnt hit the record button so none of my uni freinds believe me

Gutted Man!!!:wink:

whoah… i read that whole thing until the end as a 12 INCH uni not a 12 foot, thats crazy…


My best fluke was the time I did backward seat drag with the seat in front for about ten cycles and then picked up the seat and rode out. I was able to do backward seat drag a little at the time, but I wasn’t anywhere near being able to pick up the seat, or regularly do ten cycles of the wheel, for that matter. But I wasn’t paying very close attention, and before I realized it, I had picked up the seat.

I once fell off while trying my patented 360 mount and nearly hit my head on my helmet which was lying on the ground. More irony than anything else really.

same here
just had another one
I was riding at a skate park and did a grind and a pedaled fdoward and somehow was grinding on just the bit of the crank which was lower than my hub and my pedals were in the 6:clock and 9:clock position tots o fun

I like landing drops one footed (on accident, of course) and surviving it. this has happened on stairsets, 180 drops, all kinds of stuff.

You feel really cool when you do it.

haha yeah… like when you try to crank stall/hop up it and then get a pedal stall… thats alwasy fun


Haha, I did too until I read your post, and I was trying to figure out how a fall from 12 inches could be so bad. I was also convinced that a 12 incher must be very hard to ride.


I tried to hop on something small a while ago and did a crankflip. I can only do half-flips on purpose.

i fluked coasting while i was falling off my uni once but i kept it going for a couple of metres put my feet on the cranks did one revolution and fell off

when trying to dimount i pulled both my feet of and instead of going back i went forward then back again and coasted for like 3 metres

also when riding backwards my left foot came off acidentally and i rode one footed backwards for about 5 metres and managed to keep going:)

once, i was really tired, i was riding through grass, then i just like took both my feet off the pedals(i dont know why, i was really tired) then i coasted for like two feet, then ended up in a pile on my uni.
the worst part is that i was so tired i didn’t realize it was coasting till i look back at it and realize it was coasting

Here’s Nick Brazzi practicing off-road coasting: