best first trials cycle that's fairly inexpenisive.

One of my friends is getting a uni and wants to get a trials. he can’t hop or jump off of stuff well yet, so I was wondering if he should get a non splined uni like the nimbus trials or the qu_ax nonsplined and upgrade to splined when he bends his cranks/ hub or get splined now like the torker DX or the qu_ax trials. He’s 13 and weighs 130 pounds so im not sure if he needs splined… :thinking:

get splined…if u cant affored it get non splined is the quick answer

Splined hub, for sure
your going to get it sooner or later so might as well get it now

dx is pretty cheap for splined. try that.

qu-ax’s are nice, stronger and lighter than dx’s…I know someone who broke there dx so that would put me off buying one if i ever got a new frame

qu-ax all the way. just received mine a week ago. DIESAL

The Torker DX would be great, if he has the money for it. The DX is the cheapest splined trials availible.

If not, then the non-splined QU-AX is the next best choice…

yea he’s probably going to get the DX.