Best Fails

I know there are some great threads about best tricks, rides, etc. What about all those fantastic failed attempts? I think they deserve some serious credit. Landing those huge drops makes us all appreciate the failed attempts that much more, here’s a chance to get that hard earned credit. Post the edited material, and pics that are all blurry, lets see the other side to all the fun :p!

Great thread idea.
Just too bad i haven’t got any good bails filmed.

At :48 is my most embarrassing fail ever lol! And people were parked across the street watching as it happened. I did land it after two more attempts. :stuck_out_tongue:

my bail video… :smiley:

Here are a couple. The second one is my friend sean. He no longer rides.

this is me about 3 years ago

I can understand why shaun doesn’t ride… that looks so painful.

All those vids are hilarious. Unfortunately(fortunately?) I don’t film myself that much so most of my painful moments were never witnessed unless Danni has them on film.

ha ha ha ha ha I watched the one of Sean about 40 times and laughed till I cried, his legs kill me as he bounces off the unicycle. Ohhhh my sides hurt :stuck_out_tongue:

My favorite ones so far are Terry’s and Rileys.

The first clip up there is a reminder to me how easy it is to do big drops. The kid can barely idle but he’s going for a tall one!

But the pain-loving award has to go to Tim Desmet, who proudly scrapes up his legs over and over again and refuses to protect them with anything but pants! :slight_smile: It reminds me of the days when I was learning most of my unicycle tricks, but this was long before the existence of Trials (or Trials unicycles) and we at least used plastic pedals for the leg-scraping stuff! Also there wasn’t anyone out there in the unicycling world to say hey, why don’t you try some of these inexpensive shin guards or something?

Anyway, as for my own fails, fortunately most of the “best” ones have not been captured on video. I hope.

Once you get the courage to do big drops, yeah, the drop part is easy; LANDING the big drops is not. Also doing them with good form, authoirty and style is also the mark of a good rider. :slight_smile:

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Here’s one from me.

not much of a fall but what the heck. I will start videoing myself more often so you guys can see those nut busting fails you all know and love =)

Just put together a pretty fun bail video that has stuff going back about three years years to the present, but I can’t upload it. :frowning:

Agreed, though I think landing fair-sized drops is still easier than learning to idle. Not counting the guts part.

So why try to idle on a surface that’s shaped like the Roman numeral 4 in italics? Obviously a better spot for hopping. You can adjust your feet on the pedals while hopping, right?

Thanks for all the uploads everyone, it’s almost like an educational thread!

easily the most awesome unicycle bails ever.
did you ever land the 3 spin off the massive wall?

Heres ours:

My new favorite has to be the “Goat’s Wall of Self-Abuse”:

I totally empathize with the part where you have something in your eye. :slight_smile: But my favorite part has to be at the end, where you find out the one guy in the video wearing protection is the camera guy!

He’s smarter than you.