Best DISTANCE saddle?

I’ve been searching around on the forums a bit, and found some stuff, but nothing very recent.
I’ve been using the Velo Gel Saddle that came with my Coker, but frankly it’s very wide, and I start to feel the friction after about 10 minutes or so. And, I get numb. I’ve been thinking about making a cutaway down the center to relieve the pressure and get it elsewhere distributed, but that doesn’t solve the wideness problem.

I understand that there’s a new KH Saddle out there, the Slim. I’ve also been looking at the Fusion Freeride.
Of the two of those, which one is best suited for distance? What are their respective strengths, and weaknesses?

I like the Fusion Freeride with cycling shorts for distance, I’ts the best combination I’ve tried so far, the cutaway works well. Although the Fusion Freeride is a bit wide if you don’t like your current seats width. Can’t comment on the slim, I haven’t tried it.

Saddle Crush?

I also have a question about a Saddle. I am riding a 24" MUni Nimbus - I was wondering how to protect my “stuff” while riding down hill or slight drops, i tend to get hurt fast so im wondering if its my saddle sitting too high? I just started unicycling again after 3 years. Loving it.

@TrainingWheel Your legs should act like suspension. If your “stuff” is your suspension, then your seat is too high. Try lowering it a bit and see if that helps.

@Milosboy There’s not much information on the slim yet. Why don’t you get one and write us a review? :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s a fairly personal thing. But seeing as you are asking for opinions, I’ll add my personal vote for the KH slim.

I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m basing that opinion the fact I the Impact Naomi is the best distance saddle out there, and it’s supposed to be pretty similar. I can ride all day on a Naomi.

I’ve found the KH Fusion Freeride somewhat bulky for any sort of riding- I have mine sliced in half.

Thanks everyone, for your input. I appreciate it.
I’ve decided on the KH Slim. It has less padding, but that’s not what really matters in a saddle. I’ve seen that a lot of people think the Freeride is too bulky as well.
I looked at the Impact Naomi, and you’re right, it seems very similar to the Slim.
I’ll be sure to put a review of the Slim up here after about a week of using it, with some longer rides in.

The KH Slim has the added advantage that it should be able to fit a KH T-bar, so will probably be my next saddle.

Bye-bye Naomi, too old for Ken now …