Best cranks for Square Taper Schlumpf.....

I am going to pick up a square taper Schlumpf and am wondering what the best square taper cranks are for this hub. I will probably want 2-3 pairs so I can figure out what length works best for me and the terrain in and around Portland.

Are schlumpf cranks my best bet? Anyone have a good alternative given that the schlumpf cranks may be a hassle to get quickly?

The Schlumpf cranks are really nice.

Most seem to use Pro Wheel cranks as an alternative as they give a similar Q factor.

Although the tolerances aren’t so tight, so some prowheel cranks may rub on the frame slightly, which is annoying - the schlumpf was made with a too short axle, so it is very fussy about cranks. I have 150s that work and 125s that don’t, but also a different pair of 125s that do.


Tim: I can mill the back side of the crank arms off for you to create more frame clearance. I’ve don this on several sets of Torker LX’s that had the same problem. Iv’e used prowheels before and they are good carnks, but lots of Q factor, which seems to create some wobble at speed. The Torker LX’s are zero-Q, but not sure how thats gonna work with them flashy shift buttons


ask darren about the 150mm square tapered alu montys he sells, they might be good

if he says they wont work, ask him what se suggests, he’ll hook you up