best crank length for trials?

like the title states what’s the best length cranks for trials and why?i have a nimbus trials with 125 moments right now.any info would be good thanks.

Do you think you’re the first one to ask that question? No? Then search!

ya i tried that and came up empty thanks for your usefull tip.

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Anyway. Go to “Advanced Search”. In the options, choose “Search Titles Only” and enter relevant keywords, such as “trials crank” (without the “”).


or 137s or 140s. Anything longer/shorter sucks.

And now we have our answer.

Personal preference.

I ride 137s, and have been for a while, before that it was about a year or something on 125s. But was I ride 145 and 150s, they feel so much better. Really depends on your body type. For me, naturally, with legs about shoulder length apart, I jump and feel the most balanced, where as my friend, likes to keep his feet very close, and likes shorter cranks for trials.

I just need to make sure the seat is high, otherwise my legs have to move in too big of a circle and it kills my riding. 150s with the seat touching the seat tube is horrid.

140ish is the community favorite it seems like.

How bout we take the time that we could use being an idiot about someone making a topic and use it to answer the question!

I ride 140 Tensiles for trials and I love them. I had a DX before so the Tensiles feel wayyyy better.

Most people ride around 140’s, but as others have said before me it all falls to personal preference. I curently ride 125’s and am thinking about switching back to 140’s and eventually I’ll probably buy some 130’s which weren’t really an option before unless you got into the 200 dollar range.

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  1. I don’t ride much trial, therefore I couldn’t give an accurate answer. However, since this have been talked about before, I linked to other threads where the question had been answered.

  2. After discovering that the link was dead, I posted a short instruction on how to find these threads. It also contains a good tip if you’re not familiar with the search tool.

  3. The old threads are kept for a reason. I for one don’t want to see the forums filled with similar threads; even if you don’t mind answering the same question over and over again, it makes it harder to find information for those who actually use the search tool.

Sorry, I fail to see why I’m an idiot.[/OT]

I apologize for going off topic. Currently I use 125 mm cranks, but as I said, I don’t ride much trials. To me, 137 mm and 140 mm seems to be the most common lengths.


140mm/137mm i don’t know anyone who’ll sensibly claim they can feel the difference…

145mm are a little too long in my opinion gets anoying. You can really fell the difference.
125mm really aren’t too bad either and in fact might make some things nicer because the pedal wouldn’t be so close to the floor, but 140mm seems to be the generally accepted length.

As Hans said, this topic has been covered many many times before, so it would behoove both the original poster, and the community, to bring up an older thread and continue the “debate” there.

Think about it for a second… there may already be some great points made in these older threads as to why a particular size would be a good idea… and the people that made those points might not be around to post anymore. Why should we disregard the experiences this forum already contains?

The only idiotic thing here is the suggestion that old threads are irrelevant.