Best Crank Length For Street

i want to know what the best crank length for riding street? because i might be getting a k1 orange bud, but i dont know if it has a good crank length.
sorry if there’s already a thread on this but i did search.
thanks bye

Everyone is different, so I can only tell you what I think.

I love my 137’s (KH Moments) and would recommend them to any street rider.

The size is not too long for flips whatever people say, I can tripleflip them, and so can shaun (he uses 137’s too).

I used 140mm before then (the old KH cranks) and I liked the length, just not the nub, damn I hate nubs so much. Nubs are terrible, I would completley stay away from them with any flips or big drops or high hops.

I say, cease the moment… But also whilst ceasing it, get yourself some new KH stuff in the 137mm variety.


i got an orange bud and its awesome…its definitely not made for muni,i can tell you that now,such a great street uni…you can feel it as soon as you get on it…the cranks are great to me,but then again im only 5’‘5’. Only thing i might have against them is my ankle seems to hit them sometimes when i go off of drops…other than that the cranks are great…i dont mind the length of them at all…its easier to go faster now…

hmmm…might you mean “seize the moment”?

i prefer using a longer crank length for my style of street. i run 145’s.

Thats the badger, trying to catch me out are we?


It’s a preference thing.

I wouldn’t ride anything other than 125s. If I was going to get an Orange Bud I’d try to get the 125 trials cranks cause they are lighter, stronger and have no nubs or q-factor. The only thing the street cranks are better for are flatland (crank foll type tricks) and tech grinds.

thanks for all the replys

i will try see what i can do and try get 125 then

im around 5"5’ too.i dont want to me hitting my ankle

woah thats pretty damn big.

so should i try get these cranks
(the link is weird, it just goes to the front page.
so go to goods, then click part then on the left side go to cranks and find the Isis reinforced. i’ll try get it in the 125 length.

personally id try to ride with as many different sizes to see what you like too…

You have 140s.

I have been riding 125/127s for a long time now and I like them. I am thinking about getting some 137 kh moments though. If you get the trials koxx cranks then any crankroll stuff is very very hard, they are really skinny.

well thats ok i dont really like those tricks, i mean theyre sweet as but theyre a bit boring. are the K1 trials cranks good for doing flip tricks?

K1 is fine for flip tricks, but it’s probably easier with shorter cranks. First (and only) know finnish who landed crankflip use K1 trial cranks. Streetriders usually use 137 mm or 135 mm cranks, but 3 mm isn’t that big different.

but the ones that come with the orange bud hit your ankle. I think Luke said
he rides 125’s which makes me think i should get them to get as good as luke.
i dk any more help???

i ride 125 k1’s and i like em alot.

Ha, just because you get the same length cranks as him does not mean you will get as good as Luke. It’s totally preference, like he said. A bunch of the incredible riders use 137s. Some others use 145s ( Dan, but he might have switched). The only deciding factors for crank length is what style you ride and what you prefer. After you decide that then go out and practice hard to get as good as Luke or whatever.

What is crankroll stuff exactly? I’m guessing it’s like the Xav flatland sort of thing…

yeah that sorta stuff