Best crank length for a freewheel 36"

I’ve started working on a unicycle for NAUCC this year and I decided it would be awesome if I had a freewheel 36er. I’ve been having a lot of success with a freewheel 24" and just started thinking about the most effective crank length when I go up to a full size 36". My initial thought was to get cranks as short as possible to maximize my “gearing”, but thinking further I realized I have to re-accelerate a lot after brake coasting. What do you think is the most effective length for me?

I’m using a nimbus drift trike hub with an 18 click engaging system, so it’s pretty choppy depending on when I start pedaling. I’ve ridden 36" with 102mm cranks before. The hub is cotterless if it matters (stress on the spindle). I’ve been riding 24" freewheel for a little less than two weeks so coasting without a brake should happen soon.

I had 125mm on mine. I would say those or 114mm depending on how hilly it is.

36" freewheel… Not sure if awesome is the word I’d use:)

True. I suppose painful could work just as well.