Best commute to date

I had a great ride home tonight.

There are 5 hills in the last kilometer or so that have challenged me since I started.

The first is the hump in the middle of the trestle, which I conquered a few weeks ago.

The second is the dirt path leading up to the park from the gallopping goose. This one still has me beat, but I am pushing a little further each time.

The third is a very short and steap section that has a little (4 inch wide) runnell running diagonally down it. I can never manage the extra little bit of “oumph” needed to overcome this.

The fourth is the steep, paved pathway leading out of the park and up to the road. It has two humps in the middle (I assume tree roots) that have defeated me… until today. I finally made it up!!!:smiley: On top of that, I was closely followed by a bicyclist who says that he has trouble with that spot every day, even in low gear (granted, he is older than me, but it still boosted my ego:).

The last hill is the one leading up to my place. I have been riding up my side of the street regularly, but the other side of the street (the one that I am riding on since the park) has two side streets on the slopes. I have only managed to make it all the way up, including the transitions to and from the sidewalk, twice now. Once a month ago… and TODAY:D :smiley: :smiley:

Now, to work on those last two hills…