Best colored pedals

hey everyone,
i am going to upgrade my uni to a black and blue color scheme.
i was wondering which colored pedals are the best.
On udc, they have primo super tenderizers and animal pedals.
Which ones are better?
The primo are cheaper but are they crappier?

If u know of any other colored peddles say so. also has a variety of colored pedals.
Also do i want sealed or unsealed pedals?

Animal Hamiltons are the bomb diggity!


they are fairly large and come with a set of long pins. They’re great, tons better than try-all pedals, but idk how they compare to tenderizers

ummmm i bought some tenderizers…had em for like 2 months…cant stand em…i got some easton plastics…SOOOOOOOOO MUUCHHHHHHHHH BETTERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR i love em.

Are you riding street or trials? For trials I say go with the animals. For street you might want plastics

Sealed pedals are known to not hold up well against unicycling with things such as pedal grabs etc so you probably want unsealed.

You mean eastern?

I’ll post some pics of my animals. Strong spindles, weak body, thats all I’ll say. I suppose it depends on the rider and what style of riding they do. But mine lasted less than 2 months. For the dollar, I’d go with the odyssey twisted plastic. I break alot of pedals, and those were the only ones that didn’t get bent, they just grind away. For the dollar they kick ass (and their grippy as hell too).

ya…i was thinking of the glove company…hehe

i do some trials but want to get into street more.

I think i am gonna get the primo tenderizers.

heres a link

you could get what ever pedals and paint them. it probably wouldnt work with plastic pedals though


I had them for a while and they suck. they are really heavy and defiantly not good for street. They are not good for street because of their weight and the pins are not screw in you pop them in and the pins are only moderately grippy. they are also very thick

Animal pedals are really grippy and are definitely a good choice. I like my JC odyssey pedals but they are not as grippy as the animal pedals.

For street i would just buy some twisted plastics and use those and have a separate pair of pedals for trials but the animal pedals or Jc odessys will get the job done for street

If anyone wants the best pedals ever and has the dough to drop… these are the shit.

No way, go with the fly rubens if you want to drop a pretty penny:

Their site wont let me link directly to the page.

Fluro green odessey or animal.

I’m hoping to try out some Atomlab General Issue Pedals pretty soon, they’re wicked thin and very large, plus they use standard ball bearings insted of those crappy DU bearings.