Best clowning uni

Just out of curiosity, what unicycle is best for clowning. Not really by stats, but by personal opinion. I’m trying to pick up clowning, but my freestyle uni with a KH seat really isnt cutting it. What would be the best choice for weaving in and out of people through a heavy crowd, but can still get some good speed. The uni I have now is more for freestyle, and my Coker is out of the question. :smiley:
So let meh know. Thx!

A good “funny” unicycle will look and move funny. Beyond that, it depends on your performing needs.

Alexandre Frisch of the Moscow Circus used a 12" unicycle that fit into the prop suitcase he would bring onstage with him. That works for riding and is funny by virtue of its dimensions, but there isn’t much you can do with it.

Giraffes can be funny if you know what to do with them.

For an all-around funny unicycle I would use an off-center wheel of 24" or 26", something silly for a seat (like a plastic hobby horse), and some bells and/or horns stuck on there.

If you have more serious riding to do, leave the wheel centered but use long crank arms. Long cranks make your foot movement more exaggerated, and are more visual.

Props aren’t funny. making them funny is up to the performer. In other words, a person with good theatrical skills can take a basic Taiwan cheapie and make people pee their pants with laughter. Someone who relies too much on a costume or props will be boring no matter what they ride.

I’ve done some clowning in the past. Actually, I bought my first unicycle, because I thought it would go great with a new clown character I wanted to create. Now, I’m enjoying the ride so much that I’m rapidly losing interest in clowning.

Anyhow my thoughts on your question …

It depends on your character:

An Auguste clown might ride really wide tire with a brightly painted yellow or orange fork. I saw a great one on a recent tread that linked to ebay. I think the guy making them was named “Al”. I think that one was a 20in. This might even be a good use for some of the funky training wheel stuff or some kind of a custom uni with a tractor tire.

A hobo/tramp clown could be on a black or silver uni with a shabby or patched seat cover; maybe an ultimate wheel – you know, can’t aford the seat.

A white face could ride a sharp and distinctive uni with a special design on the paint job and a matching seat. I could see this in either a giraffe, a 29 or a 24 street uni.

I agree with what John Foss said above. The props don’t create the humor, but I would add that they can certain help portray the character.

Be creative and have fun. I’d really like to hear and see pics of what you do.


A yellow jugglebug with a 16 inch wheel, or a blue jugglebug with a 20inch wheel. The reason they are good is because they have like 6 reallt thick plasitc spokes which are blue as well, or yelow depends what color uni you get. And yeah its just a very clowny looking unicycle for some reason.

I would use a mini giraffe but you can’t really gain that much speed, but for clowning I’d imagine you’d want to mostly be idling.

In The complete Book Of Unicycling by Jack Wiley, there are some great photos of unis made of rings of beat up old boots. Kangaroos unis he also suggests, which can me made by modifying a cottered crank uni, I believe. He also suggests eccentric and mishapped wheel unis.

The book just got a reprint and is available.

I dont remember reading about that in there.

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