best clothes for riding

I wear jeans a lot, and I’ve noticed that they get worn out way to quickly from riding. so I thought I would ask you all what you think the best clothes are for riding. Don’t limit this discussion to just pants, I am also curious in general about what to wear while riding

I just wear my usual combat pants, silly-coloured shirt, red fleecy jacket and steel toecap boots :roll_eyes:

I’m sure plenty of people wear padded shorts if they’re riding a lot though.

im not worried about padding really. I just don’t want to ruin pants. The couple pairs of jeans i have and getting worm really fast XD I have holes in the crotch from riding

If you’re really into denim…


XD that’s not really what I’m looking for lol. Just wondering what works for you guys

Well; I hope you get some usable answers, since I’ve got the same problem.

I’ve worn out two pair of denim or similar pants in the thighs. I have some synthetic shorts, which haven’t worn out yet, but they show sweat, and it is not a good look. When the sweat runs down my body and seeks out my saddle, it looks as if I’ve weed, especially once I have dismounted. The obvious chafing issue is addressed with a moisture wicking undergarment.

Right now, I’m riding in some shorts I found at a garage sale. They’re black with pinstripes and a stiff fabric, but not actually denim. The label says 55% cotton, 45% polyester. They sort of look like somebody cut down some suit pants, but they were obviously made to be shorts. It remains to be seen how well they will wear in the long term.

I don’t like wearing long trousers with the KH knee/shin pads…feels like it restricts movement too much (and I almost always wear my pads). Started off wearing basic bicycle shorts and then discovered the padded variety which I love.
I tend to only wear a t-shirt as I get so hot and then slip on a set of 3DO elbow pads which basically look like long sleeves.
KH Pulse gloves, a helmet and hi-top trainers finish the package :smiley:


In terms of day to day riding, I ride in whatever I am wearing including shoes. Jeans are really bad for wearing out but baggier cargo trousers are harder wearing and generally more comfy to ride in. Sweatpants are very comfy to ride in and hard wearing but can be very hot and I would not wear them if I wasn’t going to aerial practices.

On muni or distance rides I wear basketball shorts over cycling shorts. The basketball shorts are lightweight, breathable, unconstraining, inexpensive and provide some modesty. If im not wearing cycling shorts (when i play hockey or practice), they still are very comfy to ride in. On the top I wear a cycling jersey or a hoodie so I actually have some pockets.

It will change a bit depending on the type of riding.

For muni I like to ride with a pair of close fitting protection shorts with hip,thigh, and tailbone pads, and a chamois. I wear a pair of thin but durable shorts over the top of them to protect the undershorts from getting torn up during crashes. I always muni with shinguards because I ride with really grippy pedals, and I spin the pedals into my shins a lot. High top five tens for ankle support and protection. KH pulse gloves. I normally wear a short sleeve jersey with plenty of ventilation, but I’ve been scraping up my arms a lot lately, so I’m switching to long sleeve jerseys. Depending on ride length/terrain I’ll use a standard mtb helmet, or a full-face one.

For 36er riding I ditch the shinguards, wear normal cycling shorts with a chamois but no pads. I still wear the fivetens (I’ll get low-tops when I have the money for them) and my gloves + a well ventilated helmet.

I also wear cheap sunglasses in the 30$ range. I make sure to avoid polarized ones as they can cause distractions by reducing/enhancing reflections on rocks, the sky, water, asphalt, etc. I like amber with UV protection and a larger lens so I don’t see frames in my peripherals.

Probably more info than you needed, but hope it helps!

Endura cycling shorts, baggy cotton tshirt, tryall sole B shoes. Jeans & trousers in general are terrible. If you’re cold wear pads.

I can’t wear cotton shirts, I soak them in sweat in about 5-10 minutes of riding and then it becomes miserable. I wear jerseys for tennis or bmx/mtb/motocross. I just got a cool motocross one that is all mesh, perfect to stay cool, and still give minimal protection to the arms from scrapes, and maybe even poison oak. I’m trying to find some kind of mesh equivalent shorts that is durable to go over my cycling shorts so they don’t get torn up.