Best camera for Unicycling action shots?

Hi guys, I want to get a Camera that is not going to cost me half a uni but I want it to be able to take good action shots so a quick focus lense. Maybe a video camera for Youtube videos also? I want something cheap is my problem where a still camera is costing 150-200 for a decent one but a movie camera is 500+ (AUstralian)
Thanks guys.

You could get something like the Canon PowerShot S5IS; it takes very good still pictures, and also has a good movie mode. I’ve taken thousands of pictures with mine, and it’s got a good sports mode for outdoor shots. I also have done several videos based on stuff I shot with it.

If you’re cheap, you could also look at the S2IS or the S3IS if you can find them or buy them used; the functionality is basically the same.

Not sure I completely understand what you are looking for. Heard good things about this though.

I basically want a good Still camera thats cheap yet has good quality and a good Megapixel level. Mega pixels are Millions of pixels does that mean the quality is going to be good if i get a 10 or even 12 mp camera or is there a spec i should be looking at other than?

I wouldnt be asking for a certain camera for unicycling shots… Its more the settings a camera is capable of having and the way in which you use it.
Sorry, but in my opinion stupid question.

Well sorry mill. Ok I want a Camera. What should i buy that has a quick response lense for sporting (like unicycling) and that takes good outdoor pictures?

I’ve got a normal 5 megapixel digital camera and it works fine. If you get a 7 megapixel camera I reckon that would be fine. It would cost around 200-300 bucks depending on what you get. For a video camera i found one for 400 bucks and it said “Great for youtube users!” and that was in a catalogue, radio rentals I think, just go and ask a local electronics store if your still not sure.

No need to apoligise dude, i wasnt trying to sound like a picky bastard - was just stating that you should look for features rather than try to match a camera to a single sport!
I am no help on recommending a camera - i have a Canon Ixus 60 (i think it is - i dont have it near me to look at the moment) and it does what i want it too even though i dont really know how to mess round with all its settings nor do i understand them all - i just know how to change a few things.
No hate intended mate.

I wouldn’t go to radio rentals or any camera shop to purchase as they will always charge more - I’d go to a camera shop and just tell them exactly what you want and let them help suss out a few options, remember the serial number/models of them and then say your still thinking about it, walk to DSE or JB-HIFI and save yourself a decent amount off what the camera shop was charging and get the model you want… That way you have sussed out the expertise of the camera store and are also saving your cash;)

Megapixels these days are less important than good optics. What you want is a fast lens and a camera that gets good details. For that you have to read camera reviews. Two great sites (more info than you’ll want to know) are Steve’s Digicams and DP Review.

Adding more megapixels to an existing camera design often “slows” the speed of the image sensor, because each “pixel” is tinier and needs either more light, or more time to make the image. In a “cheap” camera, anything over 8MP is probably more than you want.

Do not do this. Camara salesmen will tell you ANYTHING, They are the last place to go for advice.

As a shutterbug who hangs out in multiple sport related forums and has seen a million of these threads, the camera you want is a from the Canon A series.


Hi guys again, Ok Ive got some idea now on where to find what I need and about the megapixels, But now what i am wondering about is zoom and optical/digital zoom. What zoom should i be looking for?

If you want speed, you don’t want zoom. Less is better for a fast lens. The more zoom range you have, generally the more light the lens needs to take a given picture. You want one that can work with less light, because that means it can use a faster shutter speed with the same light.

Take Bondo’s advice, look at Canon A series and read the specs to find one you want. Lots of choices in the A’s, but they’re great for the price.

Ok will do John, Thanks. Thread is still open if anyone any suggestions :slight_smile:

bugger, Missed the edit time. Just wanted to ask about the Canon A series. I found these on Ebay.

A590 -
Is that a ok camera?
Idealy I want a Camera under $200 that can take movies at 30fps at 640x480 if thats possible. But i mainly want it for stills. If that helps in any suggestions. Thanks :slight_smile:

Sorry for the bump, still need help :slight_smile:

I like my Kodak M763, 7.2 megapixels, 3x optical zoom, it will take three shots in rapid secession, has image stabilization, can merge three shots in a panorama picture. not the best camera,but for $110, it is small and takes great shots and I won’t cry if I break it in a UPD, okay maybe I’ll cry a little.

hehe. Ok ill Have a look. Ideally I want to spend as little as possible so that might be a good idea for me. Thanks :slight_smile:

Best Ultra-compact camera?

Didn’t want to start a new thread…

I am in the market for a camera, and I want a camera that I can fit in my pocket. I don’t get really involved in a photography, just some basic stuff. But there are so many cameras out there that I am not sure what I should try to get. I have looked at Steve’s Digicams and other review sites.

What cameras have you used that you could recommend to me?

I tried to buy my wife one of the Canon A series models but she returned it for the SD1100. I’m actually impressed with most of the shots. Outdoor shots and videos look brilliant - for the $170cdn.
Indoor actions shots (gymnastics) really disappoint though. Too dark and too slow - she needs to bring the external flash on my Canon SLR for those ones.

My $0.02cdn.