Best Brand?

Is nimbus the best brand, because thats what everyone says. I’m in the market for a new trials uni, and i am wondering which brand to get. thanks

It depends what you mean by best.
Best colour? Best at breaking? Best for falling off of?

There are several leading brands. Nimbus, which is Unicycle.coms own brand. Kris Holm, who is widely regarded as one of the best mountain unicyclists in the world. Koxx One, french brand who sell mostly street/trials unicycles. Theres loads of others which I cant be bothered to type out.

All have their benefits and costs.


It depends on what you are after. No brand is perfect, especially in the monopolistic style market the unicycle world has become. I’m just waiting for the day Echo makes its debut in the unicycle world. The scene in China would grow exponentially too… as a result. Better products than what other unicycle brands currently are working with, all made in their own factory, R&D’d and fully CNC’d in house. Win win win.

A rusty 2 pence coin says almost everyone says ‘KH’

don’t forget impact! ;D

dude we get it, you like impact! :stuck_out_tongue:
yeah, as far as it goes nimbus, koxx one and kris holm are the top three for whole uni’s, then you have others liek qu-ax
I’ve used all three uni’s a bit and the KH is definitely noticeably lighter, but they seem to break for a lot of street riders although i doubt i myself would ever have problems, my nimbus with KH moments is pretty much indestructable :slight_smile:
k1 uni’s are pretty darn strong too
KH are higher quality as far as i know, i heard they have tighter quality assurance or something, but i love my nimbus and if you want style we all know k1 is great :wink:

I was just sayin so that he knows and plus I only have a naomi saddle from them and the rest is K1 and KH. Plus one cant say KH is noticeably lighter because if one has light cranks and the XTP it can be just as light if not lighter.

Fine, noticeably lighter than my stock nimbus apart from KH cranks
And yeah, but really, how many people have the xtp? :wink:

Actually quite a few people over in Europe. I know three and I have seen more. Plus the black domina, alien back flip and, the Green spirit are all lighter than the XTP. That’s partly why Joe Hodges used to use one.

right, but my point still stands, generally a stock KH is nice and light compared to
Koxx Red Devil (stock) = 6kg
Nimbus trials (stock) = 5.7kg
Kris Holm trials = 5.15kg (11¼lb)(with Titanium hub & Twisted pedals) 5.55kg (12¼lb)(with CroMo hub & Trailmix pedals)
I found the KH i tried felt significantly lighter, so until you go into customising theres your basis for weight.

I understand those weights but, how is the actually XTP or Green spirit customized?

It’s not so much that the frames themselves are customised, more than the standard unicycle doesn’t come with them, you upgrade your uni with them.
Well, im not sure, there probably is a koxx unicycle that comes with one of these frames, but im not too sure so don’t quote me on that :slight_smile:
At least, the uni’s on UDC don’t have them

KH is easily the best brand. However there are some very good Trials unicycles from other makers as well.

go to unicikli they are not upgraded to them although you can