Best Brand for 20'' trials uni

Ive got a budget of 600 for a new 20", im stuck between going all out and getting the KH 20", or i can do the 19" impact, or a 20" nimbus. However im open to suggestions of anyone knows of better brands or better places to buy then

Suggestions, advice, love to hear back!

Duh, I haven’t ridden all these unicycles, but my sense is that you get a lot more bang for your buck with Nimbus unicycles. I own two of them. The money you are saving by not buying the KH can be used to customize your ride and your safety gear.

Why would you customize a nimbus when you could buy a KH?

I think this is very much based on personal preference. I haven’t tried any but my own so I can’t really judge. I love my Koxx 1 uni with all my heart but some people say they don’t like them. I bought mine just recently on amazon for $280, but they are older technology as these guys no longer make unis. Try looking at it in terms of hub type, weight, reviews and the cost to benefit ratio

To add to the noise… :smiley:
Love the KH, but the brand has a big muni image.
Love Nimbus, but the brand has a freestyle/mid-range image.
Love the Impact, and the brand has a pretty bad-ass cool image.

So… Get an Impact! :slight_smile:

The best is always custom uni.
My 19" trials uni consists of Koxx K2 hub, Koxx Lite 140 mm cranks, KH trials rim, Impact Gravity frame, KH one pice seat post, Naomi saddle, Monty Pro Race tyre and unknown pedals :slight_smile: