best brand coker cranks?

I have been looking to get kooka cranks about 6.5in or so for my coker but i just looked at UDC and they were all out

i plan to do stairs off road and steep hills i have ben stock cranks jsut tryingto slow down fast coming off a set of 10 stairs and trying to go over bike jumps so i need beefy cranks
that are cotterless o i wish some one made a splined 140mm axel


I’ve had real good luck with the Nimbus X cranks. They are very stiff, don’t come loose and they’re less than $30
Unfortunately, they’re only available in 127 or 152 mm lenghts:

Personally, I think it’s a good idea to use cranks that are weaker then your hub. I’d much rather replace a pair of 25 or 50 dollar cranks then a hub and have to relace the wheel. As for the cranks brands, I’ve heard good things about the Nimbus X and Bike Euro cranks.

I bought Nimbus X cranks for my Nimbus Muni last year and liked them so much that I put them on my Coker. I’ve been very happy with them. They are light, which is a nice feature to have on a Coker.