best BC wheel plates?

Hi I was wondering what the best BC wheel plates are. So far the bedford ones seem the best, but UDC said that they could sell me some for 50$ The bedford ones are also $90 dollars so I was wondering wich ones I should get. Or if I should just get some from Ntappin for $33.

i think the bedford ones are the best out there right now(except maybe for evans) but Ntappis are really good to from what i hear. i say get the ones from ntappin

ntappins are really good. I just got some and I really like them. You should get those.

The prices on the Bedford website are in Canadian so it is less than $90. The UDC plates only come in short (You can get short Bedfords, they are less expensive than the longs). The Bedfords are the best, the long plates help for alot of tricks and make riding more stable. They slide really nicely for grinds too. You should get the Bedford plates…


I think ill get natappin’s cause it’ll be my first try at BCing and im not sure how’ill like it. also does anyone know a good 20in. by 2in. tire that will work well for BCing?

i learned how to bc on a 20x 2.1 and it was easy enough(well easy as can be i guessi mean come your on on wheel with no seat so it wasnt easy) but yeah i think a 20x2.0 will be just fine.