best bang 4 d buck 5"square hole crank

ok everybody, without spending too much - but definetly enough, i need some decent/decent+ 5" square taper cranks. Whatcha recommend? (and possibly, does Bedford have them?)

For what application?

well, trials, but nothing big…I figure something that can hold up to repeated 3 foot drops

this is for my 20"

The boys and I have just gone through this with Ben’s Monty cranks. After all the discussion and input from all our fine friends out there in newsgroup land including Mr. Bridgman, I’ve decided that the jury’s still out on the Montys. If you recall, Ben’s right Monty crank started to mushroom and spin on the taper, but it may not have been positioned correctly or installed on the taper sufficiently with my whack/tighten method. So I’m going to try to press them on with a 30T press and give them another shot. John D. says that his son Casey has had the Montys on his trials uni and so far so good. If you happened to see Casey perform at UNICON, he tends to be quite tough on his uni.

So, I hear from recent threads that the Kooka’s are good, Black Widow’s are OK, and the jury is still out on the Monty’s. Other than that, when all is considered, the Profile setup seems to be the best bang for the buck over the long run.

Here’s a quote from a recent email from John Drummond, " We’ve made no promises about any crank/hub combinations (except Profile) because the original application by the manufacturers was for riding, for climbing hills, and for very mild drops. In doing 2- and 3-foot drops, we’re all pushing them way beyond their limits." I suppose the sport is too young yet to harbor any major corporate interest in manufacturing an inexpensive crank that will stand up to the things we ask of the cranks.

We’re also going to try to heed Dustin K’s advice and start learning proper dropping technique, learn to roll out of the drop to preserve equipment.


There’s Norco and Onza.

I hope those two hubs will be sold on their own and not just with an entire unicycle attached. Those would be two very strong hubs that will cost less than the Profile.

As for the standard square tapered hubs, it would be nice to see an improved design. I don’t like the current design that is used on unicycle hubs. I’d rather have them designed the way modern bikes have been doing it. Bikes have a threaded hole drilled into the spindle and a retaining bolt to hold the crank on. On unicycles we’re stuck with this dorky setup with the retaining nuts. I think the retaining bolt system as used on bikes will hold the cranks on better than the retaining nut that we’re using now.

The reason we’re damaging aluminum cranks is because the retaining nut gets loose. Improve the design so the cranks stay tight and we won’t damage so many cranks.

My Coker Deluxe had the external thread and retaining nut while Ben and Brad’s Cokers came with internal threads and retaining bolts. I queried John Drummond on it and he said that they’ve seen some failures on both setups and neither one is pulling out in the lead yet.


its like beating a dead horse,isnt it?

I saw a slight ear flicker so I thought I’d have at 'er again.


By the way, the skull is pointing south from my vantage point.

Echo make some trials cranks. They’re like 75 canadian. I think they’re 158 mm. Bonz make some high end stuff 200 canadian.
Bedford has Monty’s (158mm) for 125 Canadian.

Thanks everyone, after reading the above posts, I’m gonna hold off for the Norco or Onza’s.

PS. I’m gonna join Darren Bedford’s Toronto Unicyclists!

I hope you don’t have to wait too long. :slight_smile:

at the current price of profiles you could still buy a whole onza and just use the hub and still save money

but seriously onza hub should be available seperatly there seems to have been some supply problems.

somebody should start taking bets as to wether the velo seat or the onza hub will make it to market first.