Best answer to same question: Where's your other wheel?

I’m sure we have done this thread before but I want some good comebacks to the same comment I get all the time: Where is your other wheel? Hey, you lost a wheel? Etc. I just want a answer that shows I am not as lame as they are with their non-imaginative question. What do you say?

I’ve been thinking of something along the lines of:

“This bike was on sale for half-off”


“This was a bike shop error in my favor”

But the wording is awkwardly artificial to me.

I sometimes say “one wheel is all you need” or “one person on wheel” or “it’s just a wheeley without the other wheel!”

“On my other unicycle.”

My favorite is “I got rid of the training wheel”

Here’s a few of my originals, said with a smile and a laugh:

“I got old and worn out…like that joke!”

“Where’s your joke writer?”

“I’m sorry, the correct response would have been, ‘that’s awesome!’ We also would have accepted, ‘That’s badass!’, but thanks for playing!”

“What do you mean? (make them explain it) But this isn’t a bike, it’s a unicycle.” (explain the difference to them)

“Where’s your originality?”

I needed a real challenge! If they’re on a bike, add, “what’s your excuse!?”

“I figure I have to get good enough on ONE before I try TWO!”

“It was stolen, but it’s ok, they left me the best half!”

“It had a puncture” is one I’ve used to people I know (parents of my son’s classmates) and didn’t want to offend.

A bicycle is, by definition, a unicycle with a training wheel.

All my responses to this, when I bother to respond, revolve around this self evident fact. I am sometimes preemptive, taunting even, and ask bicyclists when they plan on getting rid of their training wheel?

No one has yet come up with anything even remotely close to a retort. This is because it is a sound bite the refutation of which requires more time than they have to formulate because they are either speeding by on their bicycles or in their cars or I am speeding by them who are on foot.

I’ve done this twice now, quite funny.

‘‘What do you mean ,where’s my other wheel ?’’

Look round in horror :astonished:

‘’ OMG someone’s stolen my other wheel AAaaaarrrrrggggg!!! :astonished: ‘’

Then ride away screaming and waving arms like a loon.

That might stop them asking THAT question ever again;)

Quote ride away screaming and waving arms like a loon. Quote

Hehe, (that’s my usual riding technique. snigger :smiley: )

I avoid snarky or witty responses.
They’re trying to be clever and fun and don’t realized I’ve heard it 1000 times before.

I smile or laugh as genuinely as possible and may say “That’s funny”.

The fair in Keyport, NJ is being set up now. This is one of those fairs, at least in this area, usually sponsored by a Catholic Church or The American Legion that has food you shouldn’t eat, games you can not win, and rides which should be labeled Safety Not Guaranteed.

As I rode by this afternoon one of the workers setting it up barked at me “hey where’s your other fucking wheel?” Such rudeness always takes me by surprise so I rode on. But I would be passing back that way so I stopped and asked the fellow if that was how he always talked to strangers. Somewhat to my surprise he said, yes, that was his preferred way of talking. So, I just said, well to answer your question, I took the off the training wheel. To which he said, surprised, “that thing came with a training wheel.” At this point I realized my approach was all wrong, so I wished them a good day and rode off.

I ride almost every day and hardly ever get that, or similar comment. But when and if I do I always reply with an original, witty comeback, and always with a wink and a smile that always gets them to laugh and smile right back. 98% of the time hikers and bikers make very positive comments, and even call out “UniGeezer!”, having seen my videos on youtube. The best part is, many of them have taken up the sport as a result! :slight_smile:

On the topic of rude people. I had a guy a few days ago walk right behind me asking how good my balance is and i said so so and he said what if i push you and i told im i would fall and he did and the uni shot back behind me and gave him a wicked pedal bite and knocked him to the ground. what are people thinking …

Circus is one most common word pop on old school people’s mind.

Last year, a neighbor lady saw Isabella and I rode unicycle around driveway and she walked over said, “Are you in training for Circus?”.

Two weeks ago, I was riding my new 26" unicycle on street while my kids and wife walked dogs. Same neighbor lady’s mother sit outside where we stop by to chit chat bit. She joking about me joining Circus. Like mother and daughter, so I decided explains them how it become popular sport nowadays including Muni. Assumed by their looks, I am wacko to them. LOL!

Terrible! :angry: Stupidity is sometimes a annoyance to me. Once I told my friend I start interesting in learn unicycle and muni. He said, “why are you wearing shin guard? I have seen some unicyclists on YouTube not wear shin guard. Why can’t you ride without them?”.
I explains him, “I feel more better with them till I improved myself and kept up without serious injuries.” He keeps mocking me about wearing shin guard and I told him, “why can’t you give a try on unicycle yourself?”
I knew he is chicken out and I won’t let myself low to his levels.

he got what was comming tho :smiley:

Once a friend of mine and me were riding downhill. When I passed at a person walking uphill he shouted “you lost a wheel!” I responded “yes I know. The guy behind me picked it already up for me!” :wink:

I like that one, I’ll try and remember to use it next time I’m out. I used to ride past a pub in my local area and guy sitting outside always used to come out with the wheelie joke and laugh to his friends as if he was the most original person in the universe.

Yeah, I sometimes reply with something similar: “If I got a quid for every time someone said that to me…”