Best all-terrain tires?

What are the best all-terrain tires for both muni and street riding?
Let’s say you owned just one unicycle but wanted to use it for street and off-road riding, what one tire would you put on it? It also needs to be a harder rubber that won’t go bald (I tried Kenda tires but they wear down quickly on hard surfaces, lesson learned). Any tire recommendations? Thanks

Accepting that it would not be perfect for either and you are talking about the most common wheel sizes (26 or 29), I would say any MTB tire with a very light tread (there are a lot of them available).
For example:

  • Specialized Fast Trak Sport
  • Maxxis Rambler / Pace / ...
  • WTB Nano / Riddler / ...
  • Kenda 24Seven Race / HOney Badger XC / ...
  • ...

They are usually listed as XC or Adventure or else (they get creative with the categories names).

I had a specialized on my MTB I used to commute years ago and I got almost 2 years out of the tires and it was not feeling like a bumpy ride.

Go to your LBC and I am sure they have a bin of tires for sale where you can find one that would suit you :wink:

I really enjoy the maxxis holy roller on my 24" muni. Much better on road than the duro leopard that came with it and doesn’t seem to give up much off road. Have only been riding it for two months now but have heard others say it wears well on pavement.

I use a Maxxis Ardent on my 29er, both road and off road. Love it. I’ve put hundreds of road miles on it (maybe thousands) and it has plenty of tread left.

+1 ^^^. I have a Holy Roller on my 26", which gets about 50-50 on/off-road use. Keep in mind that no tire will do spectacularly well on all types of terrain. But the HR does OK on both street and decent fire roads, IMHO. (I wouldn’t take it on very technical stuff, but that’s just me. If I know the terrain’s going to be rough, I take my 24" with the Duro.) YMMV. :slight_smile:

+1 Holy Roller!
What Lance said; also, it is light, durable, and has a clever name!
(I’ve used it on everything but deep mud.)

Is it too cheeky to suggest a Nightrider? It’s actually pretty good for mixed use ;).

I’ve actually been looking at Nightrider as it “seems” like it would be good for mixed use??

The Nightrider is a pretty good mixed use tire. I’ve seen a number of riders use them for on- and off-road riding. (You didn’t mention earlier that you were interested in a big-wheel tire. Nightriders only come in 36" and 32" sizes.)