best all round unicycle

i’m thinking of maybe getting a new uni (probably not now but i will at some point) and i was wondering whats the best all round uni?
one i can do a veriaty of things on not just a Specific catagory.
a bit Unspecified i know but thats all i can think of right know.

Re: best all round unicycle

The best all round uni has:

  • a wheel that is 20" and 36" in diameter at the same time;
  • a 1.75" smooth tyre, 2.5" trials tread tyre and a 3" wide knobby tyre at the same time, and a matching rim;
  • a very strong and very light hub at the same time;
  • short cranks for freestyle/distance and long cranks for muni power at the same time;
  • pinned and smooth pedals;
  • a seat that is both comfortably padded and thin and sleek for manipulation;
  • no seat handle to get in the way, as well as a sturdy handle for trials and muni.
    And I have omitted a few requirements still.

Someone who thinks about getting a new uni (i.e. not a first one) would best think about the specific use he buys it for, or strike a compromise between a few types of use. But an all-around uni for everything doesn’t exist. My first uni was a 24x1.75 Semcycle, purposely bought as a jack-of-all-trades that could do a little bit of everything. Now, the Sem gets the least use of all my unicycles because it excels in (almost) nothing.

Klaas Bil

sounds cool where can i get one?..oh your joking
ok thanks for that i guess what i would like is something strong and isnt going to brake and not too heavy/exspensive that wont completely fall apart if i do different things on it.
is there one?

KB is right. There is no one “all around” uni. As you progress with your skills, you’ll probably realize that this configuration allows better performance in this category. That configuration is better for that category. You will advance to a higher degree of proficiency in a category with proper, specialized equipment. It could also matter: what’s it like where you are (painfully flat or mountainous or variety) and what are your physical specs, (ie hieght, weight, etc.)

That being said…

A 20" trials setup is rather versatile [I have the Summit].

Beefy enough that you [probably] won’t bust it by jumping on/off stuff. Great for Trials and Street. Raise the seat and you can muscle through some freestyle moves, but you’ll come to learn its too heavy. Hit the woods for some MUni. It’ll be great for launching off logs and stuff, but you’ll soon learn its too slow. It will s*ck for Touring/Commuting. And you can’t use it for Hockey or Basketball as the pedals will destroy the floor.

Some of the kids in our club, who only have one unicycle, ride 20" Trials by different manufacturers. Marquis rides one-footed figure 8s, keeps up [while not racing] on the MUni trails, rides our trials obsacles, and easily manouvres the city during our Urban rides downtown. He does not use it on our long (10-15 mile) tours and not for Basketball games. One uni for 4 out of 6 categories ain’t bad.

Re: best all round unicycle

Memphis Mud wrote:

> A 20" trials setup is rather versatile [I have the Summit].


> you can’t use it for Hockey or Basketball as the pedals will destroy
> the floor.

Pedals are easily changed and are significantly cheaper than buying an
additional unicycle…



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id say a nice strong 24" Muni. Throw a slick on it and its good for trials and street.

Its faster to ride to your destinations too.


I think that the 24" is the best all-around.

You can use a Hookworm tire for trials, urban.
The highest hop records in the world are not extremely different between a 20" and 24".

Ride distances up to 30 miles pretty easily:
Several men have ridden ACROSS the country on a 24"

24" can be easily used for freestyle skills.

Change to a knobby tire for muni (2.5 for mud, 3.0 for downhill and tough terrain).

Pedals and seat can be changed easily. I recently moved to an air seat and love it because it is easier to grab for seat out hopping.

I can not think of any style of riding that cannot be done on a 24".

I would definitely say go with a 24" MUni with 150mm cranks and a KH seat. Probably your best bet for a little of everything. As you get into higher skills, you’ll find that it ends up being somewhat limiting. But if you just want an all-around unicycle, that’s what I would go for (and it’s basically what I ride as an all-around uni).

A suggest a 24" nimbus one.
Good for light muni and standard skills as well as distances and light trials.

I got one and I changed the original Hookworm to a Gazz and the plastic pedals to Dmr V8s.

And Badapapapa I´m lovin it.

I have a Miyata Triplecross bike. This is a “cross” or hybrid bike, designed to work as both a road and a mountain bike.

Problem is, it’s a terrible mountain bike, with its skinny tires and no frame clearance for fat ones. It’s also a lousy road bike, as the frame geometry is too relaxed, and it’s not very aerodynamic.

In other words, the more you compromise on your specialties, the less quality of riding you will get in each department.

Fortunately my Triplecross is a perfect ride-to-work bike, which is mostly what it gets used for, not that it gets used much. So it works well in the in-between role, as my commute has some dirt and bumps on it.

So if you expect to do everything on one unicycle only, that unicycle is going to really suck for a lot of it. You would be better off focusing on the type of riding you expect to do most. If you don’t know what that is, focus on the type of riding you expect to do first. This will get you some experience, and later on you might decide to get another unicycle for other activities.

If you want to do Trials and tricks, get a 20". If you want to do some tricks, ride on some dirt, and go some short distances, get a 24" (and at least two different tires). If you mostly want to get places, and maybe do some tricks, get a 28" or 29". You can still put on a knobby for the dirt, and do some tricks on it, though not as much as on a 24" or 20".

If you only want to go distances, on pavement or dirt, get a Coker. If your space is limited, consider a 29".

hello. ok for all around, the most versatile thing i can think of is this.
24" dx32 rim
24" fireball for street/trials (Gazz for Muni)
24" wilder lyterider frame (saves weight)
Lightfoot hub by scott bridgeman (saves weight, really strong)
150mm kooka cranks machined on the hub (strength, weight saving)
Odessey Jim Cielienki pedals ( light, wide, removeable pins)
Thomson seat post (strength)
Rail adapter
Miyata airseat w/ carbon fiber seatbase and shaped carbon fiber handle (strength, lightness)

Re: best all round unicycle

On Mon, 22 Nov 2004 14:43:56 -0600, “shadowuni” wrote:

>hello. ok for all around, the most versatile thing i can think of is

>Lightfoot hub by scott bridgeman (saves weight, really strong)

The lightfoot hub has certain advantages but without the ability to
change cranks yourself it doesn’t help in the versatility department.

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Upon reflection, and since we’re looking for only one unicycle, I think upping the wheel size to 24 inch is a good idea.

Some styles of riding will benefit, but at the cost of other types of riding. Can you say “compromise”.

You’ll be able to do more MUni with the loss of some Trials moves, and the loss of some Freestyle moves, but you’d speed up your distance riding (although it’ll still be too slow).

You just have to guess which type of riding you mostly want to do.

My first non-POS unicycle was the Yuni MUni 24. Still love it. I don’t use is for freestyle or commuting. Its like driving a tank.

I think it matters you’re size and inclinations. Marquis was a 10 yr old kid when he got the 20" Trials. It fit him great. He’s developing nicely in Urban/Street/Trials and loving it.

cool, i’m still a bit confused.
how much do you think i’m looking at for a good uni (don’t know which one though)
all these names it’s confusing, any pictures and the like?
i supose i should just search for them.

I’m thinking of building an street uni…

Setup will be a 20" (19" to be correct) trials wheelset, with a freestyle frame on it. (48spokes, splined qu-ax hub)

Crank length will be approx 90mm, pedals will be made of plastic, to do freestyle indoor…

The frame will have a flat crown and a long ‘neck’ (40cm) and the saddle will be a miyata original I Think…

I will keep the weight as light as possible.

The reason to build this is, that most of the ime I want to do a little trials, when I only have the freestyle with me. (and otherwise…)

I’m not interested in doing long distances, but rather in doing tricks and jumps…

This would be for me a good all round uni…


Browse the catalog at
This is the decent 24" MUni I have: Click me

ok new question, i noticed the other day that there is a big crack under my saddle where it ataches to the seatpost and one of the bolts has sort of come out so i’m thinking of getting a new saddle.
but which one?
these are the two that i’m thinking of getting

Standard Saddle with bumper
Excellent value budget seat with the standard bolt. Direct replacement for worn saddles.
comes with front and back plastic cover

Trainer replacement saddle
Good standard steel based saddle with durable PVC cover.

the second one is the one that i think is the same as mine but which one is better?
does the first have a metal base or does that not matter.
i think maybe the second one would be better because it’s the same as mine but the first has plastic covers.


Not enough information.

Give brand names

All around Uni

:o O.K. I’m going to answer your first question for you. It will be as close to the mark as your going to get, so listen up, I’ll only say it once.

The 24" Torker DX is what you want. It is the most unicyle for the money that you’re going to find, will do a lot of things adequately and it won’t break.

You can buy it at for $200 or on e-bay for $150 plus shipping.

I have three of them amongst my collection of twenty unicycles.:wink: