Best 36er to "accessorize."

Hey fellas,
As far as the base price of a 36 there are many differences in themselves. I was wondering if a bare bones 36er is still compatible with all the accessories (handle bars, brakes, etc). If I just want to get my feet wet with a base 36 can I still ad on all the pro stuff later or should does the frame need to be a certain type?
Thanks bros and bro-ettes

My top-of-the-line custom KH 36 with Schlumpf hub is a dream, but it won’t work with the new breed of disk brakes coming out. I think this will require a different version of the frame. Oh, and a non-existant version of the Schlumpf hub. But there are other variants of disk, so I’m pretty sure I could run an “outside” one.

That said, it really depends on the accessories you want to add. Some are more universal than others, and some require a specific frame. Others require a specific seat post size, for instance.

I went to and got a barebones 36 in. No brakes, or handle grip. I love it. I did not want to spend more than $400. I don’t know what I am missing I guess but I usually ride for an hour a day with it and love it. It does not have the option for a brake… I have ridden down some pretty steep hills ie probably 8-9% grade/street. Some day I will upgrade but when I do I will have a better feel for what I want.

Mike A.

A Nimbus Titan 36er, $450 as a base price, no rim brake mounts, but you get a good rim and tire, fixed seat post, Nimbus seat, all good parts for a fair price.

Nothing wrong with cotterless if you keep them up, esp for road riding.

Add a handle later on or make up your own.

You can upgrade to an Oracle disc brake ISIS hub, D’Brake adaptor, and ISIS cranks at a later date and be disc brake compatible on that same frame or you could run a center pull rim brake and call it quits.

But, the above could all be had on a Nimbus Impulse Shadow for another $450 and you’d better off money wise and quality wise.

Building your own is generally more expensive.

I know where you can get a good deal on a top of the line 36er frame: *Brand New (still in the box)* Frosted Night Nimbus 36" Impulse Disc Frame

I’ve done a lot with my Coker Big One. Aluminum frame with V-brake mounts. Downsides are 48 spokes (heavier wheel) and older-style cotterless hub. But it’s good enough that I don’t plan to upgrade until my son gets big enough to steal it from me. :wink:

$440 including shipping in U.S.

Mods to my Big One are listed here, to give you an idea of things you can do. Not sure how the pricing would come out compared to a new Nimbus Impulse Shadow, probably still less, but no disk brake and heavier for sure.

Also worth noting that I don’t think the Coker frame will fit the Nimbus hubs, so if you’re really looking to a disk brake, this would not be the way to go.

Yeah, the Coker is a great deal at the current price: lightweight and stiff frame, plenty tough for off-road (see what BrianO is doing with his).

As far as upgrades, if you really want ISIS down the road you can swap in a Nimbus 48h ISIS hub and KH frame (UDC was recently selling KH36 frames for $100 but we probably won’t see those prices again). If you’re concerned about the weight of 48 spokes you could re-lace using 24 spokes. Though IMO until you do something about the tube (29er or Foss tube) and tire, the extra spoke weight isn’t worth worrying about. The main limitation with this route is that moving to a Schlumpf hub would also require a new 36h rim (though it seems that most people going geared opt to buy an entire wheel anyway so as to have a backup).

Thanks for all the help guys.
I’ll probably end up going with a nimbus titan or coker big one. Right now I don’t see a brake being necessary to get the hang of a 36er but who knows, short cranks and a steep grade is no fun on a 26". I hate the price range tho, I had a hard time shelling out 500 for my mountain bike that I love… Anyone have preferences over the nimbus / coker? They look VERY similar on UDC.

The biggest advantage of the Coker is the frame; the Titan, the tire. Though the tire you really want isn’t available yet anyway and will cost you another $100. The standard Coker seat is probably a bit better than the Club saddle that the comes with the Titan. You can add a brake to either very cheaply; a simple V-brake on the Coker, a BMX caliper brake on the Titan.

I guess I’ll have to flip a coin. I don’t think I’ll be doing any off road so a road tire is fine.
Here’s another question relating to what the other poster said about switching hubs.
IF later on I wanted a nimbus nightstalker frame, or whatever its called, I’d probably need a nimbus wheel right?

Not necessarily, the Nightrider frame is designed for 42mm bearings (common to ISIS hubs) and the Coker hub uses 40mm bearings. To use the Coker wheel in the Nightrider frame you just need to add some bearing shims.

I’d lean towards the Coker myself.

Not necessarily, the Nightrider frame is designed for 42mm bearings (common to ISIS hubs) and the Coker hub uses 40mm bearings. To use the Coker wheel in the Nightrider frame you just need to add some bearing shims.

If you’re wavering, I note that the Coker comes with a free T-shirt. You can also choose your tire, and have the frame powder coated various colors for $55 extra.

Coker was the creator of the 36" uni, so I think that’s pretty cool.

It’s also always fun to say you’re going out to play with or ride your “Big One.” :slight_smile:

I’m leaning toward the Coker myself. There is something to being the originator and the titan, even tho very similar, just looks naked imo.
Thanks for all the help guys! I can’t believe after about 3 months, from learning to now, I’m about to get a 36er.

36ers are awesome, you’ll love it regardless of which brand you choose. Like everything else uni, it takes practice, but it’s totally worth it.