Best 29" tire for the Sun 28

Has anyone found a 29" tire that works well in the Sun 28" frame?


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If you can get me the inner dimensions of this frame, I’ll be able to recommend you a tire. I just don’t have one on hand nor have I had the chance to measure one for my database. Also, I’ll need to know your rim and intended application.

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I’m sure the guys at could help you out.

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I’ve created an album with photos of the uni with a tape measure here. I don’t know if that will be acurate enough. Assume all photos were taken directly above the point of measurement. Maybe you can get enough of a clue about the rim from the photos of the tire info.

My intended application is just dorking around on it. I want to have a fatter tire for comfort and light off-roading. The existing tire is so thin that it easily gets puctured.

Thanks, U-turn. If you need me to get another kind of measurement, let me know.


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Sure Eric. I need from the middle of the axle to the bottom of the seat tube.


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370 mm



Based on that data, your frame is (regrettably) too small for a 700c Big Apple. However, I am working on a wheel right now with a tire that may fit your frame and be reasonably fat. So please give me till tomorrow to finish up and get the tire mounted. In the meantime any one else is welcome to chime in.

Thanks for looking into it. I had heard from Max that that tire would not fit in the Sun frame. There is 3/4 of an inch between my current 28 inch tire and the bottom of the seat post. I thought that would give me room for a 29 inch, thinking that I only needed a 1/2 inch on top and a 1/2 inch on bottom.

I wonder by how much does the Big Apple miss fitting. And if my frame is also too narrow. If the frame is only too short by a few mm’s, I can imagine putting some kind of rubber spacer in the bearing holder to push the hub away a little.

Are the 2.1 width tire options worth looking into?


Yeah, I think we tried a nanoraptor. Or maybe it was a notos xc. Either way, it didnt fit with a stock rim.

Good luck on finding something else though.

OK this tire should do you, Eric. The vertical fit has about 5mm of space in your frame. It’s the Michelin Transworld City 700c/47c. Here are three pics. The tire is listed in the QBP catalog and can be ordered through your LBS. It has a roadish water-shedding tread. The rim shown is a Sun CR18, which is narrower than yours, as far as I can tell.

Another pic

and another. Good luck!

Another option is to get a bigger frame. A Yuni frame doesn’t cost too much and I love mine.


I’ve got that tire now. I’ve added pictures of it in that gallery (new link address).

I like the feel of the new tire. And it will definetly be more durable than the original tire. The new tire is no taller than the original, but a little wider. I now have 15mm between the top of the tire and the bottom of the seat tube. I have about 5mm between the sidewall and the frame. That’s not much, I know. I’m ready to just accept that this is all this frame can accomadate.