Best 29-er for me?

I’m a newbie - I’ve been riding my 24" uni for just over a month and a half. I’m a distance cyclist, and I really want to get into distance uni riding. I’ve been reading the forums, and I think my next move is to buy a 29-er. I think a 36-er might be too much for me in my green state, but I’ll probably want to go there eventually.

I guess I’m looking for a 29-er that I can use to train up my big wheel skills, ride primarily on the road (and probably not too aggressively - I can’t imagine my almost-middle-aged self doing drops of more than a foot or two, ever), and maybe mess around in the dirt from time to time (again, more XC than hardcore).

I’m looking at three unis - the Nimbus w/Isis hub, the KH29XC, and the Pashley (just because it’s on sale at I like the two-way cranks on the KH, but I doubt I need anything so heavy-duty (and, of course, I’d like to save the extra dough). I guess I’m leaning toward the Nimbus.

I’m a big guy, btw - 6’, 200 lbs - so anything too flimsy is definitely out.

Any advice? Any others that anyone would recommend?

TIA for the help.


there is no need to buy an intermediary 29r. if you are thinking of a 36, get it! it’s like nothing else in the world…a 29 is just like a big 24

Eso es tristar.

True, and in your case it sounds like a 36er would fit you best. If you got a 29 you’d get used to it in a very short period of time, and then want a 36 (if you were only doing distance and light cross country) for more speed/faster cruising.

that really doesn’t mean anything if you really are only going off 1-2 foot drops, unless you want a unicycle made out of some kind of tree product(cardboard,wood, ect.

the coker is well suited for much more than ‘light cross country’

IMO only if you’re Uni-Geezer, or if you haven’t only just increased your wheel size by 12"

Just go there now.

In my opinion, you’re wasting time and money getting a 29’. Cause of your size, just go straight to the 36’ and you’ll get used to it quickly. Also because you mentioned ‘distance’ I say 36’. Join the Cokeur Club!

I vote with them^

I started last spring, and made the move from 24 to 36 in an afternoon. I’m sure a 29 is fun, but a 36 is best for road riding. It is cool to be up in the air, and the TA tire lasts for 1000’s of miles.

It is harder to turn a 36 at first, but not really harder to ride straight. Be sure to wear wrist wraps and you will do fine.

The new Cokers will be shipping soon. You might want to wait a few weeks and snag one of those.:slight_smile:

Uni-Geezer is simply one of the Cokeurs who knows what it’s all about!

Are you suggesting a unicycle is only suited to how you can use it the first month or two?

I agree. Or maybe disagree. :frowning:

PS, Tim Morin was already doing more than ‘light cross country’ with 127’s about 6 months after he learned to unicycle :astonished:

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I love my 29-er, but given the criteria you expressed, I agree with the crowd…you should go right to the 36".

You won’t regret it, we promise. :slight_smile:

Or if you have the $$$ get both the Nimbus 29 and Nimbus 36. :smiley: :smiley:

Problem solved!

Although, I think you also need a giraffe

Yeah, then learn how to mount with the tutorial in my sig;)

Like this one???

Good job on the tutorial my friend. :smiley:

For distance nothing beats a 36er ( except maybe a Schlumpf ) but with that said “I would never give up my KH29”

If you want distance go the coker route

!!! This is a slam dunk decision, no thought is required !!!

Based on what you said I’d recommend to 36. I have a 20" and 29"

I love them both but if I were in your shoes I’d be ordering the 36 right now.

Things to consider, stopping, free mounting, turning is different that on a smaller wheel.

Personally I’d like to have one myself, but I’m having to much fun on my 29". Plus there’s lots of hills in my area. For hill’s I’ll take my 29 over the 36".

Lastly consider your riding skill. I would hesitate to recommend a 36" to a new rider. Basic skills require extra mastery so more riding time should be had before graduating to a 36".

Good luck in your decision