Best 26" mid-width muni rim, 36h

Will be used for XC and tech, no big drops, Ti hub :stuck_out_tongue:
Must be 26", 36 holer
Able to run a 2.3 XC tire up to a 3" DH tire, so in the 38mm range.
Lightweight over strength
Cost not an issue
Prefer color choices other than black (silver okay)

How about Echo rims?

Echo can be good, but dear Mr. Deng tends too use customers as first line testers… so quality may fall anywhere between good and crap (especially on new products).

Most trials stuff is 32h though… but go to a trialsforum and ask the same question. perhaps?

If you can sacrifice a bit of width you’ll enter the realm of “normal” mtb/freeride/dh rims and a have more choices.

Do you also need a breaking surface?

Salsa, DT etc have rims that may appeal if you are prepared to narrow the choise (bad pun).

The TryAll 47mm is pretty light and comes in all sorts of colours. I got one for my geared 26". I guess the KH will be slightly heavier because the holes are smaller.

Do they come in colors other than black? Did you get the 38mm or the 46 mm?

I got the 47mm in gold, because they didn’t have any black or silver ones left, but you could also get it in red, blue, and if I remember correctly even pink. Just check it out at the koxx site.

Thanks for the tip!

Ordered it in gold and got a STIKY 26 x 2.5 as well, even ordered some K1 cranks to see if they are ISIS standard or not :thinking: