berni and the unicycle

i’m not sure if that one was posted already (someone posted it in the swiss forum).
some nice, stillstands, big rollinghops (no handed) and more :wink:

Damn, he is realy good.
Is he sponsored yet?

Gotta love the backflips :roll_eyes:

Holy smoke! A 900!

jesus hes amazing! standstills without even paying attention, no handed rolling hops, backflips, handplants, he even burnt out once.:smiley:

Haha that was great! But when I saw the name of this thread, I though if another “Berni”. :smiley:

I think we should seriously recommend him to sixsixone. You never know, he may even make his own brand of super strong 12" Burni cycles :stuck_out_tongue:

Did anybody see that he was coasting at 1:04? :smiley:
I bet nobody has coasted that fast!