Bern Helmet?

Does anyone here use a bern helmet? I am planning on buying one soon(once the store gets my size) and was wondering if anybody here has tried one out before?


pics? I’ve never used one, the only ones i have used are diamondback helmets which seem pretty good This is the one I am getting.

looks good, i don’t know anything about these helmets. Just go for it, it could be an ace helmet.

If you are using it for unicycling, I do not recommend it. The ear coverings and extra insulation are not going to be fun once it gets hot. Go for a triple 8 or something along those lines insead.

Hey Cody–

For here in NorCal, that helmet’ll kill you in the summer. There’s almost no venting. If you want a skate-style helmet, I’d go for a Pro-Tec or S-10. But if you’re looking for a helmet that can work for snowboarding and cycling, maybe the Bern is worth a shot. You’ll figure out soon enough if it’s too hot to wear in the summer!

Sorry, forgot to mention that in the bottom of the white rectangle there’s a snowflake, a sun, and a water drop. If you click on the sun you can see the helmet without the beanie thing in it, which is how mine will come.

I just noticed that their sizes go up to XXXL, Maybe I should give these helmets a look, XXL is a bit tight for me in a snowmobile helmet and I have not been able to find a good comfortable bike helmet.

I think I am going to check out my local bike store to see if they have any in stock that I could try on but they probably wont stock any that large.

I hate buying things like cloths and helmets without trying them on first.

The store in my town has some in stock just not any in my size. I have tried them on and they are by far the most comfortable helmets I have ever tried. I am getting one for my friend for his birthday.

i likethis one but thats just b/c looks!:stuck_out_tongue: i think that they seem nice, i had though about getting one for skiing and cycling(uni included), but decided to stay with my older bmx helmat, and got a dedicated ski helmet.