Berkeley unicycling news

I work at UC Berkeley, and recently got written up in the campus staff and faculty newspaper in a “staff members with odd hobbies” article. Moab attendees will probably recognize the spot of the photo, near the beginning of the Slickrock Trail where the practice loop splits off.

Also, to promote next week’s Berkeley Juggling and Unicycle Festival, we participated in the Solano Stroll parade. The Solano Stroll is one of the largest street festivals in the country, with a claimed attendance of 250,000 people. We rigged up a wearable basketball hoop from an old external-frame backpack, some tubing, plywood, an old bicycle rim and a burlap sack, so we were able to play unicycle basketball while we walked along. The crowd loved it, and we won the parade’s grand prize ($150)!

Great work Tom!

The basketball idea is awesome!

I went to UCB for four years. I lived 1.5 miles west of campus and rode my ancient Schwinn uni to school almost every day! This was 1978 to 1982. And I’ve just started uni-ing again 6 months ago. The thing about Berkeley is no one hardly noticed, it just did not seem strange.

Nice writeup! It was interesting to read how you got started into unicycling.

I’ve definitely noticed that effect; people still react to me in Berkeley, but not nearly as much as anywhere else I ride.

Here is a picture of the makeshift wearable basketball hoop we used in the parade: