Berkeley / San Francisco Riders

I’m in Berkeley next week from Monday until Sunday the 13th.

Anyone fancy meeting up for a ride some day that week. I’m busy on the Wed and Friday, but the rest of the days are unplanned as yet. I’m going to be uni-less, so begging a borrow of a unicycle. If anyone fancied going muning and had a spare muni I could borrow that’d be extra double fun, although I guess I’m limited a bit in that I’ll be getting around by public transport. If there’s a regular unicycling meet, that’d be cool to go to too.


We’ve got you covered.

On Tuesday nights we play unicycle basketball in Berkeley; I’m sure we can arrange an extra uni for you (how tall are you?)

I’m busy on Saturday the 12th but could be up for a MUni ride on Sunday the 13th in the morning. Thanks to Kris Holm and fortuity I now have an extra MUni; what kind of ride would you be into? (We have lots of cross country riding available, and some fun technical singletrack, too).

Joe likes any muni ride where he can ride really fast behind people shouting “FASTER! FASTER!” until they fall off spectacularly. :slight_smile:


I might be up for a trials ride on either Thursday or Saturday, or I might jump in for a muni ride on Sunday. If you wanna ride trials I can lend you a uni. If you’re under 6’ you could fit my muni, or use my trials if you prefer. I don’t really care which one I use anymore.

Sunday muni ride? Let me know if anything happens and I might come down to ride.

i may be up for it
if u can getta ride

Unicycle basketball sounds insane, I’ll definately try to come along to that, although I’m terrible at normal basketball, so it’ll be an interesting experiment.

are the details the same as it says on this page (tuesday 6.30 @ Strawberry Creek Park)?
<> I think I’m staying somewhere pretty close to there anyway, so I shouldn’t have a problem getting to that.

Muni on the sunday would be super cool, I’m mostly into fast singletrack riding, technical but without big drops cos I’m chicken.

I’ll aim to get to the basketball and we can organise about muni, I’m not sure if I’ll have email/web next week, if you were to PM me a phone number I could call you if I don’t make the basketball. I should be contactable on my mobile (+44 7905 696427) but I suspect that’d cost an insane amount to call from the US.

I think I’ll not be able to ride trials because a) I’m rubbish at trials and b)I’m going to be being a bit careful this holiday having badly injured myself in Paris a few months back and had an awful lot of hassle with one foreign medical system and wasted a lot of holiday time.


if you all end up doing a muni ride, please send an email to the “bay area muni list” with the date/time. I may end up coming too.

email: muni AT lists DOT bluetreesoft DOT com

http:// (type it into your browser, or cut and paste). thanks. -corbin (in los gatos, cali).


i too am in San Fran that weekend. And Sunday will be the day I will be able to spend on a uni if possible. Can I tag along? Do I need to bring a uni or is it possible there is another loaner out there???


I’m out of actual MUnis, but I have a Big Apple 29er with 125mm cranks you could borrow. That might work if we go over and do China Camp, which is mostly lightly technical wide singletrack. (The alternative is Joaquin Miller, which is prettier, shorter, and more technical; not ideal 29er territory).

I’m sure we can figure something out. I have an extra summit trials.

that’s great guys! thanks! i will pm with my cell phone#

it is possible for me to ride on saturday and monday also. i think an urban ride on either the 29er or trials would be fun.


Here are the details for the ride this Sunday

Meet at 10:00 AM on Sunday, 11/13, at North Berkeley BART, and carpool over to China Camp.

China Camp is mostly wide singletrack; the loop ride starts with a significant climb, and then is mostly flat or downhill from there. It’s mostly non-technical, so anyone can ride it, although there are plenty of things to play on, too. The loop is a little over 10 miles, but there are short cuts if you get tired.

Let me know if you’re interested, and if you can drive.

i might be able to make it… might… my aunt lives in walnut creek… i’ll talk about that, and i have a three-day weekend this weekend! no school friday! YAY! so lessee… i dunno how this will work…
i’ll pm someone or another…

Uhh, update on weather:

It’s raining right now. NO, not rain like you texans get, more like being in a very dense cloud with droplets, but regardless, the trails are gonna be soaking. Just a warning, or invitation, depending on who you are. I love muni in the rain… however off-trail obstacles aren’t too great when it’s wet.

I might be doing a trials ride in Justin Herman plaza on Saturday, if you’re interested. It appears it will rain that day or before, so it’ll be wicked slippery, however I don’t mind. If you’ll be on the south side of SF we could do a short muni/trials ride near my house.

I’ll be there. I’m assuming you are bringing the 29er for me. Thanks - Eric

Yeah, you’ll have Zippy, Joe will be on Phat Boy, and I’ll be riding Lucky.

wow, basketball was cool fun and not as stupid an idea as you’d expect! It left me pretty aching, I think you have to twist your body a lot more than in normal riding.

I actually scored a basket or two which was a bit shocking.

I think there may have been a cunning change of plan yesterday as to the muni going to joaquin miller instead on account of it having a bit more techy riding and more people being able to go? I’m sure Tom will post the details.


Yes, we decided to ramp up the technicality and go to Joaquin Miller, the trickiest park around here. That changes the meeting place; we’ll gather at my place at 10:00 AM on Sunday 11/13, and carpool up to the trail end at Woodminster Market. We should be at Woodminster at 10:30 or so. We’ll set up shuttles up to the top, which will save us at least one climb up the hill, though in Joaquin Miller there’s a lot of up and down to do, even if you shuttle.

Eric: We’ll arrange a 24" MUni for you instead of a 29er. You don’t want to be on a short-crank slick tire 29er in Joaquin Miller.

Those public transporting over, the MacArthur BART station is the closest; let me know if you’re coming that way and we’ll arrange a pick up (or just walk/ride to my place from there, it’s about half a mile). The 51 bus stops at my street if you want to do that instead (coming from Berkeley).

There are lots of toys in Joaquin Miller, as well as fun technical trails. See you there!

ok, i’ll be there. thanks for rounding up another muni. -eric