Berkeley Juggling and Unicycle Festival

The 2006 Berkeley Juggling and Unicycle Festival is coming up soon (Friday, September 29 to Sunday, October 1). This is the largest juggling/unicycling event in Northern California this year; last year we had 300 participants, and this year we expect even more.

Unlike most of the juggling festivals, the Berkeley festival focuses on unicycling as one of its primary activities; we have two MUni rides, a big-wheel road ride/party (with a thumpin’ sound system–many people thought this the best event of the weekend!), and a number of games and workshops for unicyclists.

Some of the top riders in the world are expected to be there; Nathan and Beau Hoover, Irene Genelin, and Kaori Matsuzawa are confirmed at this point.

The festival is the week after California MUni Weekend; I’ll be at CMW if you have any questions. If we can get enough interest from trials guys, I’d like to have a trials demonstration/competition as well; we’ll talk on Saturday at CMW.

We hope to see you there!

The festival starts today! We’ll begin with a unicycle repair workshop at 6:00 (get your junky unicycles working again!), and then have beginner’s workshops and open practice for most of the evening. We’re going to have a great renegade show tonight, hosted by Frank Olivier and Renegade Juggling, then tomorrow (Saturday), we have a ton of events designed for serious unicylists, including a technical MUni ride, a big-wheel road and pathway ride, and an expert freestyle workshop by Irene Genelin.

Our show on Saturday night ($10 entry, $5 for kids) will include Jeff Groves on a BC wheel and a freestyle performance from Kaori Matsuzawa, as well as a slew of great juggling acts.

We hope to see you there!

I went on Saturday and it was awsome. The MUni ride was amazing i only had my 20" onzas but it was still awsome. It was so fun. The show was amazing also.

hi, will there be another festival this year? can you link to the info? thanks
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