Berkeley Juggling and Unicycle Festival, October 10-12

It’s time for the 4th Annual Berkeley Juggling and Unicycle Festival on October 10-12, 2008 at King Middle School, 1781 Rose Street, Berkeley, CA. The Berkeley Juggling Cooperative and the Berkeley Unicyclists are pleased to host this free festival all weekend long. All are invited to drop by and participate in juggling, unicycle, and circus arts workshops and games taught by local experts.

We firmly believe that everyone can learn to juggle or unicycle. The beginner-friendly Construction Zone is the perfect place for people to pick up the basics; if you are curious about learning how to juggle or unicycle, the Construction Zone will be open all day Saturday and Sunday from 9 a.m to 5 p.m. In addition, free workshops featuring everything from acro-balance to fire spinning to whip cracking will be running both days as well. It’s the perfect time to try a circus skill! On Sunday afternoon, take part in organized juggling and unicycle games. The festival also features vendors who offer a variety of props for sale.

This festival has a ton of stuff for novice or experienced unicyclists. “My First MUni Ride” is a chance for people who haven’t ridden off-road to get a chance to try it out on some easy trails. There will also be an advanced MUni ride on our great local singletrack. And best of all is the big wheel party ride, through the streets of Berkeley with the Critical Mass sound system providing thumping tunes.

Don’t miss the Saturday night variety show on Saturday, October 11, 2008 at 7:30 p.m. at the King Middle School Auditorium. The show is open to the public and highlights circus skills and juggling talent from diverse Bay Area performers. Tickets will be $10 adult/$5 kids at the festival or at the door.

There will be prizes available thanks to our sponsors,, dubé, Higgins Brothers, and Duncan.

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We’ll hope to see you there!

I am so excited for this! My little brother and I will be there! And then CMW next weekend! What a great month!

The festival is this weekend! We have updated the festival schedule, with many events of interest to unicyclists.

Among the unicycle highlights:

Friday, 6:00 PM: Unicycle repair
Friday, 7:00 PM: Unicycle basketball

Saturday, 10:00 AM: Big wheel party ride
Saturday, 2:00 PM: John Foss, “Anything Unicycle” workshop
Saturday, 3:00 PM: How To MUni workshop, followed by “My First MUni Ride”
Saturday, 7:30 PM: Variety show with tons of great acts, and door prizes including a Nimbus freestyle uni (courtesty of!)

Sunday, 10:00 AM: Hard-core MUni ride, Joaquin Miller Park
Sunday, 12:00 noon: Unicycle games with more prizes

This festival is always a lot of fun, and has great unicycle content. And for those who still juggle, there’s even more great stuff. See you there!

Sounds awesome I will be there for the hardcore muni.

Do we meet at the school for the hardcore muni ride or at the park. Sorry for the late question.:o