Berkeley hills

It is my birthday on Memorial Day and I was thinking of changing my ride from my typical SF hills to Berkeley hills for a change of pace. Any one out there have a special ride that they really like. It’s a birthday ride so it can be casual or steep. It has to be fun. I was thinking of taking BART to Orinda and then riding back to Rockridge. I am looking for something around 7-10 miles. I love hills. Please give me some advice on what Berkeley hills have to offer. THANKS

See my bike rides page at; it contains a number of rides for cyclists of different strengths, all BART accessible. The typical ways to get back to Rockridge from Orinda would be to take Moraga Road to Canyon and do the climb on Pinehurst, descending on Tunnel, or else take Camino Pablo to Wildcat Canyon, and then either drop into Berkeley on Spruce, or go over Grizzly Peak and down Claremont or Tunnel.

In order from easiest to hardest:

Wildcat Canyon/Spruce
Wildcat Canyon/Grizzly Peak/Claremont (steep down, though)
Moraga Road/Canyon/Pinehurst