Berd Spokes

If you did that then you’d either still need to have some locking mechanism for each “spoke”, or the wheel would be extremely compliant as when you put force into one section, the “spokes” elsewhere would just elongate.

Are they a carbon fibre/fibreglass type rope? Translating bits from German so far hasn’t revealed to me what exactly they’re using.

It must be less stretchy than berd’s UHMWPE for how little thread there is on each end for adjustment.

In theory, the spoke length is not the same on disc side and on the non disc side.
But, I have some experiences around me of building the 36" carbon rim, I think that 365mm spokes are good for both sides of 3 hubs :

  • 32h nimbus ISIS hub (@bouin-bouin can you confirm?)
  • 32h nimbus ISIS disc hub
  • 32h qaxle disc hub

Concerning the schlumpf and the brakefast, in theory you would need 2 sizes per wheel (357 and 359mm), but it’s likely that you’ll get away with 358mm, regardless of the generation of the schlumpf hub. Maybe we should have the opinion of an expert (@rogeratunicycledotcom ), to know if it’s not better to take 357mm and longer spoke nipples for the non disc side. :slight_smile:

In my experience of building disk wheels I’m also of the opinion that once you go 29" and larger (on 100mm spacing hubs), there’s basically no point getting two different length spokes as the calculated difference is normally <1mm

With the huge amount of adjustment that you have in the berd spokes, ±1mm sounds like no problem.

I did just come across this that looks like a Pi Rope prototype hub where they use a double length spoke and a pin to hold it in the hub.

yes, Pi Rope was double length as prototype but is now standard length direct pull.

They do not tell what exact Material they use. Some sort of HM-HT syntetic textile fiber.

see also Textil fürs Fahrrad | Uni aktuell | TU Chemnitz

They are not really clear about the material the spokes are made of they say Ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) but they are really made of UHMWPE fiber. UHMWPE fibers, commercialized in the late 1970s by the Dutch chemical company DSM, are widely used in ballistic protection, defense applications, and increasingly in medical devices.

Normal UHMWPE is a soft plastic.

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No Simon, even if calculator gives 364/365mm, I used 367mm spokes but I don’t remeberr which type of nipples, probably threaded all long

I just looked up the berd website. Wheel builds $1500 to $3000 ouch. Is the advantage to gain speed or strengthI? I can’t possibly see any real advantage to a unicyclist at that price other than having the latest and greatest in equipment.

Well a lighter wheel is a lighter wheel and you would likely notice it. Whether it is worth the price is another thing entirely.

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It’s absolutely diminishing returns, but even the lightest wheel with aluminium hub, rim, and standard spokes would feel like like a lumbering beast compared to an extra $1000 of carbon rim and superlight spokes.

As a racer, as you obviously are I can definitely see the advantages and the value of you investing in anything that will give you an advantage over the competition. After all there is a limit to the human power plant pushing the pedals.

Haha, very casually these days. If I was after an advantage I should really just ride more and eat healthier before spending hundreds on lightweight parts!

Even not as a racer though if the reduced weight makes for a more pleasant ride and you can afford it, then why not spend that money. There are far worse vices in the world than having lots of money invested in unicycles, and even for the nicest parts the costs are small compared to things like home or car ownership.

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Isn’t that the truth. I definitely can see a difference in my free mounting when my weight is up a few pounds. And as a car guy that has spent lots of money on my 4 wheeled toys my unicycle habit is much cheaper.

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I sold a Schlumpf to build a carbon/Berd wheel… I’m just testing everything before deciding which will be the best uni for my riding. Considering that I built/bought and restored and sold about 7 or 8 unicycles… I can say that I’m still spending the same money I started with about 5 years ago. I’ve owned (or still own): 1x12, 3x19, 3x20, 1x26, 1xG26, 1xF26, 1xG27,5, 1xG29, 1x29, 2x36. Now I’m waiting for the 29" Berd (I hope it will be the last test)

You’re not feeling suicidal are you?

No. My wife say that I like more building and tuning than riding… and maybe she’s right.:sweat_smile:


I would certainly be down for a set of 36’er spokes. possibly two sets if that’s what it took to make it happen!

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Here’s a good read for anyone interested.

Several bikers have found the material berd uses and made their own. Definitely an involved process, and berd even had the post taken down once or twice.