Bent wheel on a DX

okay my friend (darkp0is3n) has bent the wheel on his Torker dx 2004.

he was hopping (sideways) off of a 5 set and even landed and rolled out fine, but the wheel is a little bent, nothing TO bad tho, but enough to notice when your riding and when your watching the wheel.

if there any way it can be bent back at a bike shop or anything?

put it in a clamp and reef on it till it does :smiley:

another alternitive just learn to jump the turn so you roll out forward:D

Bring it to a bike shop; they will be able to true it if it’s not that bad. If they can’t fix it and your friend can’t stand the crockedness he could buy a new rim like a DX-32 or KH freeride, which would open up a whole new range of useable tires.

yeah its really not that bad i think it can be fixed we are gonna go up to the bike shop tomorrow and see what they can do. any idea if this is expensive?

hes buying a kh 2005 in early april so i dont think hes interested in buying a new wheel unless it was cheap (like on ebay or something)

and , he did turn and ride out frontwards.

he ways 220 lbs tho.

It will probably cost around $15.

okay, looking at other options, (this is a 24" unicycle that he has)

would this kh be “transferable” to the dx?

or would one of these be a better option:

what im saying, is what would all of YOU do?

hes interested in the kh set because it comes with cranks, that im sure are stronger than the dx cranks.

say that he purchased the 24" kh setup and wanted to put it on, all i know of that wouldnt work is the tire since the dx frame is smaller, would the dx tire be able to work on the kh rim??? or would you just invest in a different tire to work on a dx (2.3" tire)? if so what do you reccomend.

hell, for +/- $240 more than the KH wheel set, you could buy a whole NEW KH Muni!

if he has the $, go with the KH set. you might have to get differnt spacrs, though. measur the bearings, too beacuse the KH uses a 20-mm ID x 42-mm OD bearing. Better yet, practise landing smoother, but 220lbs isn’t easy on a wheel.

Take it to a bike shop and see if they can fix it just by truing it up. If the rim is not actually bent they can fix it just by fiddling with the spokes. Figure about $15 to $20 to get the wheel re-trued. If the rim is actually bent then you may need a new rim.

If you end up needing a new rim you’ll want to find a new rim that has the same ERD (inside diameter) as the existing rim so you can reuse the spokes. Figure about $25 to $30 for the labor to build a new wheel plus the cost of parts (new rim, etc). If you can reuse the old spokes you’ll save about $30 in parts. The DX uses a 48 spoke rim so that is going to limit your rim choices.

getting it fixed is fine

but i dont think a dx is gonna stand up much longer to 3’ drops, riding out smooth or not, one slightly false move on that or something bigger is gonna do it easily

520 is outrageous for a unicycle when you dont have much money to start with, think of it this way, you get 500 dollars to spend on clothes and whatever stuff you need thats an accessory for yourself (say you need new clothes) , this is all the money you have for awhile. you arent really in a position to spend 500 on a unicycle.

the whole point of this is to figure out what i can save off of a dx and add to something else for an affordable amount.

another thing: are the cranks on a dx any good at all? what are they like compared to the kh cranks on that wheel and crank setup?

total are you total uni?

I dont think it is because total uni is from california

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no im not total uni

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Yeah you are!

FYI, we true wheels for as little as $2.50 to a max of $8.00…maybe we’re just cheap but $15 seems steep and $25 is insane.
Then again we’re in the poor South :smiley:

Well, I can for sure true my wheel now. I didn’t have the money today, but at school. I reched in my desk, and found 20 bucks(made my day 10x better :-d). I’m still at school, waiting to be released in about 30 minutes :(. But yeah, i hope the wheel true clears things up.