Bent T7 rails

I’ve had my T7 for a short while, and the rails are bending up in an arch on each side. I’m getting the T7 replaced soon, and was wondering if until then, the regular KH seatpost will fit in my Nimbus 36 frame (don’t want to take it apart to find out it doesn’t).
Also, is there any way I would be able to fix the T7 rails by replacing them or bending them back, or should I just wait until I can get them exchanged?

The regular KH post will probably not fit in your Nimbus 36 frame because the Nimbus 36 takes 25.4mm posts and after looking at the shop it seems like KH only makes the 25.4mm size in the rail version and his standard post is only 27.2mm. I could be wrong though and he could have made a 25.4mm version of a standard post at some point.

The KH seatpost won’t fit, its 27.2mm whereas the nimbus/radial frames are 25.4mm. I think bending the rails back would just weaken them. Its very important that you tighten the post onto the rails evenly otherwise the post can bend the rails from uneven forces.

Seat post.

I ordered N36 without T7 bar.
UDC should have in stock 25.4 seat post (Non KH version).

So, I guess I’ll just have to wait until the T7s are back in stock and get it exchanged when that happens.
I wish they’d make them out of a stronger material.

Has anyone else experienced this problem before with them?

In my opinion the rails and the front plate desighn are the downfalls of the T7. My rails bent on mine then the front plate cracked. I think that something like the Coker handle makes much more sence and would be much stronger.

UDC sent me a new T7 bar no questions after my water bottle bosses poped out which I actually ended up giving the new bar away since it had the same weak spots as the bar it replaced. Not a manufacturing defect, a desighn one.

I ended up cutting the front off my original T7 when the front plate broke and stuck it in a boom I made from parts of a road bike and am much happyer with it now.

Do you have a pic of that?

not yet, sorry

here you go, finally

What a great neat idea!

Wow… That’s different. How well does that ride?

I like it, it is much more stiff than a regular T7 and I prefer a lower more spread out position for riding faster, sort of like a bike. I have noticed that when you lean forward that much your effective seat angle changes to a more tipped up angle eliminating the need for the adjustability of a bike-style seatpost.

I also feel you have a bit more control and you wobble less with the handle further from the center of the unicycle. I might cut the boom a bit shorter though, probably take a couple centimeters off so that the grip in the middle starts right after the seat handle.

The brake is closer and higher than the main handle for when I am riding slower and can use it sitting more upright. I have not had to guts to use the break when going fast yet.

On the subject of brakes I sanded and polished the sidewalls of my airfoil and it is much nicer now. Less grabby, smoother and quieter than when breaking on powdercoat.

I still have to put on my bike light and figure out a good spot for my bike computer that is visible but the wire does not get in the way.

I bet a UPD while leaning so far over the front would be a blast.

FYI, an easy way to do this is to hot glue sandpaper to your brake pads (I’m serious!). You still get adequate braking power, and it quickly takes the powdercoating off the rim.