Bent Spoke

I was doing natural trials on some rocks today and bent a spoke.
Here’s a picture.

What should I do about it? Should I just try to tighten it or put another one in?
The eyelet in the rim wobbles as well.

You should be okay to ride on that for a while, but I’d take it down to the LBS at the weekend if I were you. Ask them to replace it.
I wouldn’t have a go myself unless you know what you are doing. Wheel builds are a dark magic.

I’ll probably take it there, watch them replace it and do it myself the next time. It might be a dark magic, but it’s the kind of magic that I simply have to learn.

You have to pay attantion, if you tight it, that you tight both spokes around aswell. In that way the rim doesn’t …ah man i don’t know the word

what i would do:

remove wheel
remove tire and rim strip
remove nipple on bent spoke
straiten spoke by bending slowly the other direction
look for stress lines (if present buy a new spoke)
put a small amount of light oil on the end of the spoke
put the nipple back on the spoke and tighten to slightly less tight than sourounding spokes
check for wheel trueness and roundness
tighten apropriate spokes
check for dead sounding spokes (pluck each one and listen to the tune)
put everything back together

its simpler than it sounds and if you arnt using a break your wheel can be a bit out of true without any problems.

i would recomend buying some spare spokes and have them handy for the next time this hapens they are cheep and dont take much room to store.

EDIT:if the spoke streched then you may not be able to tighten it enough to get good tention, if so replace the spoke.

Working with wheels isn’t magic. You should be able to remove that spoke and replace it with one of the appropriate length. See information on; it’s not that hard.

I wouldn’t bother trying to repair that particular spoke; it looks pretty tweaked.

I think I’m gonna go to the LBS tomorrow and buy some spokes. How should I choose them? What measurements should I give to the mechanic? I tried the spoke calculator, but it doesn’t have my rim.

Could someone help me out? I have a QU-AX splined hub with the stock 24" rim(BX-38).

Take the spoke out and measure it, that’s your best bet.

Haha thats nothing. On my unicycle Ive got spokes in S shapes and Ive been riding on them for bout 6 months :smiley: but i do need some new thicker spokes and they’re going rusty :S

keep your spokes tight and save your rim! spoke tention is what keeps a wheel strong. checking and tightening your spokes is a very easy way to keep your wheel in good shape

no but if u’ve seen his rim, its terrible LOL

the only good thing on his uni is the moment crankset lol

Mike tightened them when we went to exeter, they were so loose,

anwyays i dont think he minds a squarish rim :stuck_out_tongue:

it should be fine if you just bend it back. When they are made they heat treat the steel then make the bend that is by the hub.

Yes…which is why nearly all spoke failures happen at the elbow.

I don’t think that spoke is likely to fail at the point where it’s bent, but a bent spoke will not hold tension properly.