bent seatpost

well, this just goes to show how great the CF base really is.

i was doing some bench jumpping and such, when my friend andy, who also rides, sugested I 180 onto the bench, that didnt work too well. i made it, sort of.

Instead of landing on the seat, or seat out infront, i landed 1/2 on the seat. like my crotch on the handle (old style miyata, if it had been a reeder id still be out there crying). so i just bailed and sat down, it hurt lots.

anyways, when i picked up the uni again a few minutes later, the seat felt weird. i investigated further, and the seat post is bent forward about 3 inches beneath the atttachment to the seat. Im using a CF base, but im sure i would have cracked a regular base plate, i think.

Lucky for you the post is one of the cheaper items to replace. Be careful about landing maneuvers with your weight on the seat. Remember your “boys” are irreplaceable, although Neudicles are now available in many sizes and I believe their made of titanium. :slight_smile:
take care