Bent seatpost,what should i do?

Yesterday i bent my seatpost on a weird landing(crash landing).Its not the post-part thats bent,but the curvy-part on top(for lack of a better thing to call it).Its the front curve thats bent almost flat.The weld isnt broken or anything,and nothings loose or wiggly.The bent curvy part makes the seat lean forward.

Would it be okay to bend it back,will that be strong enough?what/how should i bend it back?

I’ve heard that the seat-post plates get bent all the time, and that you can just bend it back into shape. Just don’t put a lot of stress on the weld between the plate and the post when bending it back.

SHould i just use a hammer?I have a vice to hold it in too…

And ironicly it was a torker dx.

Put the plate part of the post (the part with the bolt holes) in the vise and bend it back to the shape it is supposed to be. And then go to your LBS or and order a replacement Torker DX seatpost cause you’re going to be needing to soon. Once that part has bent like that once it will bend like that again easier the second time. It’s never going to be as strong as it was. That’s why you should order a replacement to have on hand for when you will inevitably need it.

Fortunately the post is steel so you can bend it back in to shape. If it was aluminum it would have cracked.

An alternative would be to get a rail adapter and a regular bicycle seatpost. That combo will be stronger than the stock DX seatpost.

Okay thanks.That was what i needed to know.

As for buying a new seatpost,does UDC have the dx post?I couldnt find it listed…Its the one with the 25.4 mm right?

I think the DX has a 25.4 mm seatpost. You’ll want to measure it with calipers or a micrometer to be sure.

I’d be surprised if didn’t have the DX seatpost in stock even if it’s not in the online catalog. You’d have to give them a call to find out. The seatpost is in the Torker USA catalog that most bike shops can order from so you can get it from your favorite local bike shop if you want.

Ive, had the exact same problem. You can put it over like a bar or something curver and hammer it back in place, after each bend it gets dramatically weaker so after 2 fixes buy another(I just got my new post today :slight_smile: Although my frame is snapped :frowning: The Dx post is 25.4 and you can prob get it at your lbs, or UDC. Is a rail design heavier than the norm.?

Yes, unless you have otherr stuff attached to the post that the rail eliminates, such as a brake mount. It’s not that much heavier, just a bit. No more than 12 oz more.

Well thanks.I got it bent back,but its alittle crooked,and put it back on the unicycle.